With the emergence of new technologies, lower costs, faster prep times, and HUD questioning appraisal accuracy, appraisers are facing some tough times. Proper valuations are needed when conducting a sale of a home, but costs are high, and time is of the essence. While appraisers are at the center of the lending process, so are many online home value estimates, driving the price of information down and cutting the response time to minutes. Kenon Chen, Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Clear Capital, discusses how Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) are creating cost-effective strategies for lenders and gaining popularity as an effective and trustworthy solution. However, proper valuation expertise and market- level research is conducive to creating a machine-learning approach when calculating a lender-grade AVM. 16  MY TAKE: TALENTED TECH: ALTERNATIVE VALUATION SOLUTIONS GIVE LENDERS MORE FLEXIBILITY IN 2019 Real estate can be a wild roller coaster over time, particularly true in the Western states of the nation. This analysis reveals five western markets that stand out when it comes to steep upward climbs in median home prices since the bottom of home prices in 2012. Is another recession on the horizon? 20  SPOTLIGHT: IS THE WEST IN FOR ANOTHER WILD RIDE? 34  BIG DATA SANDBOX: STATES THAT SAW AN UPTICK IN FORECLOSURES With the number of completed foreclosures (REOs) on the decline, home buyers and investors looking for a “deal” are having to search high and low. However, ATTOM Data Solutions may help uncover some areas where buying a home could be more affordable based upon counties where banks are having to foreclose. 38  DATA IN ACTION: COUNTIES WITH THE MOST ABUNDANT FORECLOSURE-BUYING OPPORTUNITIES This infographic shows the results of ATTOM Data Solutions Year-End 2018 Foreclosure Market report, which incorporates all stages of filing during the foreclosure process. While the narrative for most of the nation experienced a decline in foreclosure activity, there were still states where foreclosure filings bucked the trend. 04  FEATURED ARTICLE: WILL AVMs CREATE A WORLD WITHOUT APPRAISERS?





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