2022 Dümmen Orange Annuals

These varieties are aptly named for their BIG blooms and EEZE production performance for tĮe ħrower͟ ¯Įe natƞrallƼ wellͲbranāĮed ſlants ſrodƞāe a dense āĮassis and loads of ǚower power with colossal, oversized umbels, uniformly across the plant. While they have the intersſeāiǙā breedinħ for intense Įeat toleranāe͚ tĮe breedinħ Įas maintained a ƵerƼ ālassiā džonal look͚ ſroƵidinħ a ſlant tĮat āonsƞmers are familiar witĮ͚ makinħ more āonǙdent purchases in the garden center. Big EEZE ® Geraniums

The classic zonal habit and look that consumers are familiar with, making more confident purchases in the garden center.

Full canopy of flowers from the very beginning for stronger appeal at retail.

The biggest, most oversized blooms available on a geranium.

Interspecific breeding provides more heat and drought tolerance throughout the summer months.

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