2022 Dümmen Orange Annuals

Understanding the SunStanding Families Our SunStanding series is organized into three families that are genetically identical across colors within each family, making predictability for the grower and landscaper a breeze.

SUNSTANDING APOLLO • Most adaptable family for all uses with the widest range of colors • Excellent vigor appropriate for professional landscapers • Quick Turn™ cuttings make production in small containers a breeze This series is our most popular choice for large landscape installations, featuring intense pure colors on plants with exceptional vigor. Perfectly matched across the colors, landscapers can mix and match for designer and seasonal color combinations.The full sun and full shade tolerance of SunStanding varieties makes them a versatile option to use across all landscape beds.


SUNSTANDING HELIOS • Compact habits are easy for smaller retail containers • Innovative color options have high consumer appeal • A profusion of flowers for maximum gardener satisfaction

For growers looking for varieties suitable to smaller containers, or landscapers needing a front-of-the-border option, the Helios family offers the same characteristics as Apollo varieties, but with a 20% smaller plant habit, smaller leaves, and smaller, but more prolific flowers.


SUNSTANDING JAZZY • Vibrant tropical flair with variegated foliage • Brightens up combination containers with both leaves and flowers • Dramatic retail appeal on the bench Jazzy varieties add dramatic flair to the program with a bright tropical look. With intense neon colored flowers on top of brilliant lemon-lime variegated foliage, these are showstoppers on the retail bench and in large combination containers.The decorative foliage of Jazzy varieties works equally well as an ornamental addition to combos, but with the added bonus of vibrant flowers throughout the summer.


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