2022 Dümmen Orange Annuals


• Plant Basewell young plants directly into the finished container. Avoid damaging roots during handling. • Use the standard number of plants per container you normally use for that crop and pot size.


Increase light levels to 38,000 lux (3500 footcandles) Adjust light level and temperature to the normal variety-specific finishing conditions. • Avoid temperature extremes. • Maintain light levels at 500 (2500 footcandles)

1 – 7 days after transplant (until roots reach side of pot)


1. Plant Basewell young plants upon receipt. 2. If you cannot plant upon receipt, keep Basewell young plants fresh by storing in cool conditions with high humidity until ready to transplant. 3. Avoid extreme conditions (high light and/or temperature) immediately after transplant through root development to the side of the container. 4. Once roots are to the side of the container, grow under normal finishing conditions for temperature, light, irrigation, fertilizer, pinching, and plant growth regulators.

7 – 14 days after transplant

14 days after transplant


• Water in thoroughly after planting to moisten the growing medium and ensure there is a good soil to root contact. • Continue with light irrigations until plant is fully hydrated and roots reach side of container. Then irrigate on normal finished plant schedule.


At planting

100 ppmN

Increase to finished recommended rate for genera and variety. Start at 1.0 – 2.0 mS/cm based on SaturatedMedia Extract. Then increase as needed based on

After roots reach side of pot

EC range

variety-specific finished production guidelines.

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Genera-specific. Follow finished production guidelines.

pH range

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