2022 Dümmen Orange Annuals

A breakdown of the I’CONIA families by usage and size.

I’CONIA BACIO This is the newest family to the I’CONIA brand with naturally compact plants that are perfect for smaller container sizes. Compact plants with smaller, but with an abundance of, briħĮtlƼ āolored ǚowers on dark͚ rich foliage.

I’CONIA PORTOFINO This is the most luxurious lineup of garden begonias available anƼwĮere͟ —lants ĮaƵe a dark chocolate foliage color that ſroƵides a strikinħ baākdroſ to

the brightly colored double ǚowers͟ ¯Įe ſlants ĮaƵe a

moƞnded Įabit tĮat works well in āontainers or in Įanħinħ baskets for dramatic statements in both sun and shade.

Ideal for 4-inch pots.

Ideal for 6-inch pots.

I’CONIA UPRIGHT Our most popular lineup for large containers and landscapes, these varieties have a distinctive upright habit with vivid colors on eƻtremelƼ dark foliaħe͟ ¯ĮeƼ make fantastiā additions to Garden Party combination planters, as well as mass landscape plantings where heat tolerance is needed.

I’CONIA MISS This trio of Miss Malibu, Miss

Montreal and the newMiss Miami are stunning additions for hanging basket ſroħrams͟ ¯ĮeƼ ĮaƵe the rich fully double blooms of an I’CONIA begonia, but with an elegant cascading habit.

Ideal for hanging baskets.

Ideal for 8-inch pots, upright deco containers, landscape.

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