Develop your own leadership habits and learn how to empower your team to lead. LEADERSHIP

Resources and games to help improve your spelling, punctuation, grammar and overall written communication skills. BUSINESS WRITING

Leadership: It’s Not About You Author Amy Modglin offers up five tips for valuing your team and how to turn your leadership focus away from yourself. High Performance Habits Author and performance coach Brendon Burchard, led one of the largest surveys ever conducted on high performers. The results? Six habits stand between you and success. Listen, Learn…Then Lead Four-star general Stanley McChrystal shares how you can build a sense of shared purpose among people by listening and learning -- and addressing the possibility of failure.

GrammarBook Learn the rules, test your skills with games and subscribe to the GrammarBook newsletter and blog. Grammarly A free grammar checker and plagiarism detector. Create a free account to access tools. Grammar Girl Podcast Listen while you work and become a better writer. You’ll find Grammar Girl on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher , SoundCloud , Spotify , and Google Play . Watch our latest UPTV Channel for free webinars from industry leaders. WEBINARS NOW AVAILABLE FEATURING RESIDENT RETENTION • The Art of Resident Retention • Are You Retaining Your Residents? • Customer Service & Resident Retention • Don’t Get Dumped This Holiday Season GET STARTED Log into the University of Pinnacle and click on the Resources tile to view all webinars.

Click below to get started on your journey to better physical and mental health AND higher performance at work. WORK-LIFE BALANCE


Good Life Project Spend some time with the Good Life Project’s Intentional Community and get closer to living your best life. The Happy Secret to Better Work Psychologist Shawn Achor argues that happiness inspires us to be more productive. Click here for a full list of work-life balance TEDTalks. Susan Sly - Life Coach Best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur Susan Sly offers up tips and tricks for managing and organizing your life.

Issue 1 / February 2018

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