King's Business - 1955-09

When You Select a College When you select a college you want one that is not only solidly evangelical but one that academically meets your needs. It is a basic fact that no school is stronger than its faculty. Recently a professor at the University of California at Berkeley said, "I would rather sit a hundred feet from a great man than at the feet of a mediocre man.” In order that you may evaluate B iola objectively we invite you to study our latest catalog and talk to graduates of the school. This month we’d like to introduce three men who help give B iola academic stability. Men of Biola Professor Wallace Emerson (M.A., Stanford University; Ph.D., University of Southern California); Chairman, Psychology and Philosophy Division. Dr. Emerson has served in the public schools for 15 years, and taught courses in education and psychology at Occi­ dental College, University of Southern California, San Diego State Teacher’s College, Wheaton College and was president of Westmont College. Professor Timothy Fetler (Ph.D., Northwestern University); Head of the Philosophy De­ partment. Dr. Fetler grew up in Europe and is fluent in five languages; taught three years at Northwestern University and four years at the University of Southern California. Professor Donald S. Robertson (B.A., Stanford University; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology); Chairman, Science Division. For the past several years has spent summers with a group of other scientists doing research in problems of plant heredity. Biola offers

A Bible College granting B.A. degree with majors in Psychology (with emphasis on guidance and counselling), Bible, Christian Education, Public School Education, Music, Philosophy, English, History. One-year post-graduate School of Missionary Medicine Three-year post-graduate Seminary Two-year Bible Institute

For catalog or other information you may write BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES, INC. Room 808 Los Angeles 17, Calif.

Charles E. Fuller '21

Percy Crawford '26

Dick Hsllis '32

Miriam Henderson '49 Marjorie Peverley '52


Director of the Old D ire cto r of Young Fa sh io n ed Revival People's C h u rch of In charge of Released Hour; fo u n d er of the Air; founder and Missionary. Head of Time education for Missionary. Translo- Fuller T h e o lo g ica l p re sid e n t of The Orient Crusades,Tai- 750 students in The tion work with Wyc- Seminary. King's College. peh, Formosa. Dalles, Ore. liffe in Mexico.

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