AchieveNEXT Mid-Year Sentiment Study 2021

“The CHRO’s agenda has never been more daunting than it is in 2021. The agenda is particularly difficult for CHROs of midsize and emerging enterprises, which typically must meet big-company tests with small-company resources.”

Robyn Pollack, Executive Managing Director at AchieveNEXT and Dina Prrreault, Vice President, Human Resources at The Faulkner Automotive Group and member of the AchieveNEXT Global Advisory Board in Harvard Business Review

Making the business case for culture change

In addition to direct investment in hiring, developing, and training, the middle market is looking hard at company culture, with a strong focus on making culture changes that have a direct line to performance improvement. Empowering and energizing employees at all levels is the #1 culture issue faced by middle market companies. It’s followed closely by a related issue: closing the trust gap between top leadership and the full workforce. Not far behind: improving the strategy/culture alignment and—surprisingly and interestingly—improving knowledge sharing and eliminating organizational silos.

Thinking about improving your company culture, please rank the importance of each of the following on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important.

3.86 Average Rating

Empowering and energizing employees at all level s

Improving communication and trust between top leadershi p and the rest of the enterprise



Better ali gni ng culture and strategy

3.75 3.35

Improving knowledge sharing/eliminating silos

Addressing issues and opportunities with diver sity, equity and inclusion Better ali gni ng employee exper ience and customer experience


1 2 3 4 5 3 Moderate Importance

1 Lowest Importance

2 Low Importance

4 High Importance

5 Highest Importance


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