AchieveNEXT Mid-Year Sentiment Study 2021

Economic confidence has soared alongside enterprise growth. Just six months ago, 52% of middle market and emerging enterprise leaders told us they thought the U.S. economy was weak or extremely weak. Today, 64% say it is strong or extremely strong. Rather than fretting over whether their customers will pay their bills—a top concern a year ago—executives worry most about where to find the talent to sustain and drive their growth. One result of this rising confidence and the accompanying demand for talent: More than ever, finance and HR leaders are on the same page, needing to work shoulder to shoulder to create the conditions under which their enterprises can thrive. Productivity and culture; diversity and compliance; financial planning and workforce optimization; flexible working arrangements and risk management: These issues are not in conflict with each other. Instead, they create greater opportunities for finance and HR to work together to pull the levers of growth.

“The pandemic was a stress test for middle market and emerging business. Growth is a stress test, too—but of a much better kind. It is an historic opportunity for the stewards of human capital and financial capital to transform their enterprises.”

Nick Araco, AchieveNEXT CEO


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