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Our selection of pre-designed sites can be customised in terms of colour, branding, text and imagery so that it is completely consistent with your brand identity. The structure can’t be changed and they are limited to 10 static pages maximum but they are extremely capable and attractive sites.

A template site costs £1,995 .

Our full range of template sites can be seen here: http://www.thepropertyjungle.com/websites/templates/

We charge a monthly licence fee of £70 per office, payable by direct debit, to enable use of the database technology. This is what extracts the data from your software supplier, imports it and displays it in your site. It handles all the searches and keeps the site up to date. The license fee includes all support and is applicable to both template and bespoke sites.

Website hosting is £110 per year.

All figures are subject to VAT.


In order to make it as easy as possible for you to get the site that you want the build cost can be settled either as a capital expense or on payment terms. This allows you to calculate the best way of managing your cash flow whilst still making the necessary investment in a stunning and effective web site. Taking the above example of a bespoke build cost of £3,800 you would have two options: - Option 1 – Deposit of £500 and balance of £3,300 due on completion of the project. Option 2 – Deposit of £500 and monthly payments of £151 spread over 24 months or £110 spread over 36 months.

This option can be applied to templates too and is subject to credit assessment.


If you are happy with the monthly payment terms then when you come to the end of the term you can automatically renew your site simply by continuing making the payments and we will deliver a new site for you to the same specification with an all new design.


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