2017 1st Quarter Crime Report

Illegal Gambling Initiative

School Crossing Guard Services

On March 7, the City Council approved an agree- ment for consignment services of illegal eight- liner gambling machines with M&K Recovery group, Inc. The Fort Worth Police Department will use the agreement to remove illegally-operated eight liner gambling machines from the communi- ty. M&K Recovery will transport the machines to Austin and sell the machines to legally-run estab- lishments. M&K Recovery manages the sale, shipment, and tracking of the machines—keeping a percentage of the sales price as its fee and will remit the remaining amount to the Police Depart- ment.

On February 7, the City Council authorized the execution of a Professional Services Agreement with All City Management Service, Inc., to pro- vide crossing guard services for the Police De- partment. The Police Department will use the agreement to provide crossing guard services for school crossings in the morning and afternoon hours throughout the year. Each crossing guard will work three hours per day. The crossing guards cover 10 school districts and 137 schools with elementary age children, for a total of 232 intersections.

Section IV - Department Initiatives Update


First Quarter (January-March) 2017 Crime Report

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