Linda Liberatore helped everyone she met. I initially came across her when I was searching for an alternative to traditional property management. She was gracious in assisting me with different tips, tools and connections to help me grow my business. She was just a kind soul, evidenced by the many people she touched. She will be missed.

Celebrating the life of

LINDA LIBERATORE Since we announced her as a Think Realty Resident Expert (formerly Coach) on November 1, 2017, Linda Liberatore embodied our educational program, our brand, and became one of our team’s all-time favorite people. We truly considered her part of our Think Realty family and were shocked and saddened to hear of her passing this past January. Because of the impact Linda had on our entire team, we wanted to pay special tribute to her impressive career, bright personality, and life well lived in this issue of Think Realty Magazine, where we’re celebrating female investors who are shaping the industry. Linda's dedication to education, partnership, and investment in the success of others has shaped the real estate investment industry for the best. We are honored to have known and loved her during her time here with us. Here’s to you, Linda. Due to spatial constraints and the number of quotes we received, quotes have been edited to fit. To view the full versions, visit

JOHN CASMON Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit

Linda became a close friend of mine so quickly because of her love for the people in our industry. Linda

lived a life centered around people and building long-lasting friendships. I have known her for about two years and never once had I seen her upset, or ever heard her talk about her struggling health. She always

focused on others. People found joy around her just because of the way she lived. She was a huge part of our real estate family and had a huge impact on our industry. Linda, you will be forever loved and remembered. We love you Linda, and we'll see you in paradise.

Linda's presence made me smile, her energy was unmatched, she was a master at her craft, and cared deeply for her family, team, clients, and friends. I always looked up to her as a role model and I'll continue to do so. Linda, with the heaviest of hearts, you'll be missed.

ABHI GOLHAR Host of Think Realty Radio & Think Realty Resident Expert

JOSH CULLER Director of Education, Good Succes

Linda's smile was infectious and her approachable manner was always inviting. She was one of the hardest working women in the industry. She always wanted to set the Zoom calls up before sunrise. We joked if I had to be dressed and makeup on. We always laughed about that because she was always ready to go. Linda was an amazing person to connect you with the right person or help you get on the next podcast or radio show. She was always giving and never expected anything in return. Linda had a heart of gold. We loved sharing ideas with each other. She was one of a kind. I will miss seeing her at Think Realty events and know that she will always be there in spirit. Rest in Paradise, Linda.

Linda was an amazing woman who displayed warmth and love! I have so many memories of Linda, but my favorite memory encapsulates who she truly was: we were at the same conference in Phoenix and I saw her from afar in a gift shop. I finally walked over to her asked her if she was buying a gift for someone. She proceeded to show me individual gifts that she had picked out for each of the girls on her team. Then she explained why she picked out each item. When she came to the end of each explanation she said “I really just want them to know that I care about them!” It made an impact on me because in the midst of a business trip with many meetings pulling at her time, her greatest concern was impacting the team of girls she worked with. What an example! Linda Liberatore you will be forever missed, but forever remembered!

PAM GOODWIN Goodwin Commercial & Think Realty Resident Expert


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