maintaining the freedom I want, I need to scale up and utilize other people more.

What is the one strategy you’re focused on in 2019 that you feel will bring you the greatest success? Focusing more on building relationships and bringing value to others. What are the three factors that you look at in your market to determine whether a deal is a good deal? It's all about the numbers! Numbers! Numbers! Numbers! What the market is doing should be in your numbers. Ex- ample: If market is slower and houses are selling for less, you should calculate your numbers with a lower sales price and higher carrying cost due to longer days on market. Favorite market to invest in? And why? For deals I manage, I like to be within an hour driv- ing distance. So, Raleigh/Durham and surrounding is my favorite market. For lending I don’t care what market it is as long as the numbers work.

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Allison Palmgren Founder & Owner, Guiding Light Properties (& Others) 5 YEARS INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE

How did you get started investing in real estate? Got sick and tired of the long hours and lack


of freedom in the corporate world. Decided to leave so I could start my own business. Didn’t know what I was going to do then, but I found the right real estate investing education during my two weeks notice. I did my first flip three months after starting the classes and haven’t looked back since.

What’s your greatest investment success story? I was never really interested in wholesaling be-

cause if it is a good deal I want to keep it. Another flipper I started funding deals for had two, four-unit buildings he needed to wholesale quickly since his first buyer’s fund- ing fell through. One of my lenders was looking for rental properties so I put the deal together with him. The whole process took about two days and I made as much on those wholesale deals in a couple days as I do on a flip. Kind of changed my perspective.


Why borrow from Angel Oak Prime Bridge? We view our customers as more than just a transaction. Our goal is to be your lending partner. We make your lending experience simplified . • Direct, well capitalized lender • Innovative financing options for novice and experienced investors • Competitive rates and terms • Technology forward and customer service focused

What are the top two characteristics you exhibit that have made you a successful investor?

Willing to take action and willing to fail.


Best piece of advice for new investors? Get educated and know that you have to be willing to take consistent, committed action. Building a

How do you manage work/life balance? It was a challenge for a while. I love building my businesses, putting together deals, and achiev- ing goals. I love freedom, travel, and adventures slightly more, though. I have decided lifestyle is always going to trump money for me. I decided to make it a priority and traveled internationally for three months last year. A few things with business fell through the cracks but it was well worth it. I came back with a second wind and the travel refocused me. I am doing more volume than ever and so excited for all the possibilities ahead.

business doesn’t happen by itself, but it is also not rocket science. Get the right education and take action on what you learn. It's that simple.


Words you try to live by? Create what you want because no one else will do it for you. Always keep learning and growing. •

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment to lend. The programs rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Angel Oak Prime Bridge, LLC. Funding solutions to fit your investment. Visit or call 888.209.1333

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What are your goals for 2019? Finding the right, key people. To meet my goals and keep my businesses growing while still

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