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You invest. We protect. THERE IS AGUARD FOR YOU

PAM GOODWIN Goodwin Commercial

From landlords to lenders, flippers to

Coverage for vacant, rehab and occupied properties

GENE GUARINO Residential Assisted Living Academy

Pay-as-you-go-monthly never pay for more coverage than you need

funders, National Real Estate Insurance Group has real estate investors - like you - covered. We deliver custom insurance solutions across all 50 states.

SEAN MILLER PointCentral

Multifamily Edition Brad Sumrock specializes in helping people retire early with apartment investing.

Easy to use online portal

Insure multiple LLCs, trusts and corporations under one schedule

KEVIN ORTNER Renters Warehouse

JOE HULLINGER Finance of America Commercial

$5.95U.S. ::$6.95CAN MARCH/APRIL2019

For your custom insurance proposal, call 888-741-8454 or visit today!

SHAWN WOEDL National Real Estate Insurance Group

National Real Estate Insurance Group is the nation’s leading agency offering coverage options for real estate investors across the country. Our lineup of products includes: REIGuard™, LandlordGuard, PMGuard, TurnkeyGuard, LenderGuard, and CommercialGuard.

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