ure winnings and complete duds, I always remember that lesson. A con- sistent approach and strong self-dis- cipline will always guide you better than an erratic response to the good or bad you encounter. HARDWORK TRUMPS ALL My dad taught me that a race car has no idea whether I’mmale or female. “Put that helmet on, buckle up tight and drive the damn car,” he matter-of-factly said. I find that lesson to be reassur- ing. The numbers, the odds, and your ultimate mission do not care about your gender, race, religion or anything else about you. If you put in

the hard work, the results will come. Grab the wheel and drive.

smile each time I see him in the ga- rage. If I had wasted my time rebuk- ing all of the negativity, I wouldn’t have had time to fulfill my dreams. Ultimately, you’ll be judged on what you accomplish, not what you say you’ll do. Let your hard work on the track (or in your business) speak for itself and let the critics stand still in the stands. •

DON’T TELL THEM — SHOWTHEM When someone calls you crazy, irrational or under-qualified, let that doubt drive you. If your personal moti- vation isn’t strong enough to push you off the starting line, proving others wrong can be a powerful force. But while others can give your self-deter- mination a boost, it’s important to not ruminate on their negativity. I’ll never forget when one of my harshest critics said I would not be around NASCAR beyond a year. Eight years later, I walk by him with a big

Jennifer Jo Cobb is a public speaker, corporate spokesperson and a NASCAR team owner and driver. In addition to racing, she is the founder of Driven- 2Honor (, a

non-profit to recognize the efforts and plights of our female military members. She may be reached at

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Three Speedy Lessons from A Race Car Driving Investor

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by Jennifer Jo Cobb


CONSIDER IT AWASH As a racer and team owner, I’ve had my share of highs and lows. Through the years, the best lesson I’ve received was from a fellow driver and owner to not let the ebb and flow of success wear you down. Sitting on a dismounted tire in a garage at the Kansas Speedway, Andy Hillenburg told me the highs and lows

fter more than 15 years as a race car driver, I’ve seen many parallels between life on the track and the world of business. And as a female in a male-domi- nated industry, I’ve worked hard to cultivate a mindset to compete to find success despite perceived disad- vantages. Here are a few lessons that have emerged for me.

should cancel each other out. “Jennifer, you are going to experi- ence a lot of unfair advantages be- ing a woman in this sport,” he said. “But you are also going to experi- ence a lot of unfair criticism. You consider it a wash. Take the good where you get it and push through the bad. It’s a wash.” From fan’s praise and hate to 5-fig-

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