Being a part of the Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN) means you’re a part of authentic conversations and connections, priceless knowledge and real-life real estate hacks you need to succeed. We are a community of like-minded women with a broad range of real estate knowledge coming together to swap ideas, share stories, and spark inspiration. Our community is growing fast with 5 blooming chapters (LA, Seattle, Orange County, Phoenix and San Diego) and we are looking to expand. Seeking women who want to lead our communities and those that want to join. We are about sharing experiences, resources and to help one another grow both personally and professionally. Together we can shine more brightly than we do as individuals !

If you want to experience your flame, join us at our annual event “Ignite Your Fire Within”. It is an event by women investors, for women, about women. We don’t care if you’re a newbie or seasoned investor as long as you’re ready to be inspired, make new connections, learn about hidden opportunities and model experts who have done the work. Meet amazing women investors and you won’t look at real estate investing the same way again.

Get updates and special offers at Immediately grow your knowledge with other industry professionals at get $10 off admission with promo code WREN10 today!

88 | think realty magazine :: march / april 2019

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