Improving Water Quality in Australian Schools and Hospitals


A new Lead Safe™ tapware solution

Until recently, our taps and plumbing products have been manufactured using premium quality DZR brass that is approved to Australian Standards. All our products are approved to the relevant WaterMark or StandardsMark, and products in contact with potable water pass the strict testing of AS/NZS 4020:2018 to ensure they are totally safe for use with drinking water. To offer our customers a greater choice of quality taps for a healthier environment, over the last three years, we have also been making taps using special manufacturing techniques and new materials that are either lead-free or low in lead. As ‘lead free’ is not currently defined by law or plumbing codes in Australia and New Zealand, we have based our definition of Lead Safe™ on the

requirements of s1417 of the USA’s SDWA, and the relevant US standards, NSF61 20 and NSF372 21 . We have been utilising materials that are listed on the European’s ‘4MS Common Composition List’ to ensure we use the safest material currently available. 17 Largely we have been using either 316 stainless steel, or compositions of DZR brass that contain less than 0.2% lead. Along with this, we have also implemented new methods of manufacture and a special process of washing parts to ensure contaminants are eliminated. This new GalvinClear ® Lead Safe™ product range has also passed the relevant AS/NZS 4020:2018 testing requirements and is listed on our WaterMark schedules.

A study into the effects on lead levels in drinking water of different materials

In 2019, Galvin Engineering commissioned a study to sample and accurately measure what levels of lead may be leached from drinking bubblers manufactured from these different materials. Professor of Environmental Engineering, Anas Ghadouani (BSc MSc PhD), and his faculty team at the University of Western Australia (UWA) were engaged to develop and undertake comprehensive testing. Water samples were analysed at an independent NATA approved laboratory in Perth, ALS Environmental. Three of our Ezy-Drink ® drinking bubbler models were tested. The bubblers were manufactured in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 endorsed factory, using our standard strict quality control procedures

and a controlled clean environment. Part of the manufacturing process includes each bubbler being washed in a special solution to remove any residual contaminants that could be left inside the product. One bubbler was manufactured using traditional high quality standard DZR brass containing less than 2.5% lead. Two bubblers were produced using our new GalvinClear ® Lead Safe™ materials. The first was made from a premium grade lead free 316 stainless steel. The second was produced using a special low lead DZR brass that contains less than 0.2% lead content. This alloy is approved to the European’s 4MS Common Approach and complies to the strict requirement of the USA’s Safe Drinking Water Act.

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