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AWay to Share KnowledgeWith Our Community The History of Our Workshop Program

Four years ago, we held our first practice workshop. At the time, I had no idea if it would be a success. But here we are today, hosting two per month to regularly packed crowds. The development and expansion of our workshop program has been a labor of love, a way for us to meet new people, and, above all, a way to give something back to our community. In fact, that’s how we hit on the idea of hosting them in the first place. Our clinical team wanted to share knowledge about physical therapy and help people understand more about pain. How would we achieve that? Well, we thought opening our doors and inviting local residents was a good place to start. We set a date, placed an ad in the paper, and crossed our fingers for a good turnout. Certainly, we weren’t perfect from the start, but we sensed that people really valued their time at the workshop. Over the years, we improved our presentation and expanded our offerings.

First and foremost, we hope the workshops are informative, but we also aim to give people a sense of who we are as a practice. We love what we do, and I hope that comes across during the course of a workshop. It’s awesome to be able to interact with the community directly, answer questions, and shed a little light on the ways physical therapy can improve people’s quality of life. I want to thank every person who’s attended a workshop over the years. Without your presence, there’d be no reason for us to keep going. After four years of back pain education, we’ll be retiring our workshop on the topic for a little while after an upcoming event. If you’ve never been to one, now’s the time to do so. Don’t worry, though, we’ll have plenty of shoulder and arthritis workshops to fill up the schedule until back pain returns in the fall. When I think back to every new initiative we’ve begun in our history as a practice, I think we’ve had more winners than stinkers. It’s hard to imagine that any of them have been a bigger winner than our workshops.

“I’d be willing to guess that our workshops have introduced Professional

Physical Therapy to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.”

The first workshops we did were on the oft-requested topic of back pain and sciatica. It was a natural place to start. I think that in those days, we were hosting one workshop every other month. Soon, though, we began including a shoulder pain and rotator cuff workshop as well. Just recently, we began offering one on arthritis pain. We’ve also increased the frequency of events. What can I say? We love doing them, and as long as people show up, we will continue to have them regularly. I’d be willing to guess that our workshops have introduced Professional Physical Therapy to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. At first, I figured our audience would consist largely of curious pain sufferers seeking an alternative to surgery and medication. While those people do show up, they are far from the majority. We have physicians, people receiving therapy at other clinics, those who come on behalf of a family member, and more.

We are honored to treat and serve the wonderful people of Franklin and Norfolk County, whether we meet you for an hour or a full course of treatment.

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz

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