Holiday I 2021

May Happy Times Decorate Your Holiday Decorate Your Holiday May Happy Times

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Holiday I 2021

2021 Dated Collection






Removable base


You Fill MeWith Christmas Cheer These Christmas cuties just love their oversized stockings marked with the year 2021. Choose from ornaments, a figurine, or a snow globe. Ornaments and figurines are bisque porcelain, the wind-up musical snow globe is resin and glass and plays “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”.

A. Dated Girl Figurine B. Dated Boy Ornament C. Dated Girl Ornament D. Dated Ball Ornament

| 5"H. | 211001 | $45.00 | 3.5"H. | 211010 | $27.50 | 3.75"H. | 211002 | $27.50 4"H. | 211003 | $32.50 | 5.75"H. | 211101 | $40.00 |

E. Dated Musical Snow Globe

with purchase of $30.00 or more. ($30.00 Retail Value) YOURS FOR ONLY $ 15 .00 SPECIAL OFFER

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Give Thanks LED Figurine So thankful to be celebrating Thanksgiving with his friend, a colorful turkey sits upon a pumpkin that lights up with a message of gratitude. It makes a perfect hostess gift! Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 5.5"H. 219011 | $30.00 $15.00 EXCLUSIVE | 866.336.2554


Add personalization to any ornament $ 7. 99

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Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornaments A little one’s first Christmas is such a magical, memorable time. Commemorate the occasion with a special ornament of Baby lying on a blanket draped over the year 2021. Bisque porcelain. 2.5"H. Dated Boy | 211006 | $27.50 Dated Girl | 211005 | $27.50

Our First Christmas Together Dated Couple Ornament This darling pair holds up his and hers stockings, surely hung by their chimney with care. The year 2021 is printed on his Santa hat. Bisque porcelain. 3"H. 211004 | $32.50

Happy Koaladays Dated Animal Ornament

WeWoof You AMerry Christmas Dated Dog Ornament WeWish You AMeow-y Christmas Dated Cat Ornament At Christmastime, pets are so much fun to have around. This duo is ‘feline’ festive in their doggone adorable candy cane striped hats that feature the year 2021. These ornaments are perfect for pet lovers. Bisque porcelain. 3"H. Dog | 211008 | $27.50 Cat | 211007 | $27.50

It’s time to trim the eucalyptus tree! This adorable friend from down under wears a festive Santa hat and shares Christmas

greetings for one and all. Bisque porcelain. 3.25"H. 211009 | $27.50


Capture Christmas Traditions

May Happy Times Decorate Your Holiday Figurine The carols are playing, the boxes of decorations are out, it must be time to trim the tree! Limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide, this figurine honors Christmas traditions held dear and the loved ones who make themmemorable. Bisque porcelain. 9"L x 6.25"W x 7.75"H. 211040 | $150.00 Personalized | $157.99 LIMITED EDITION | 866-336-2554

Contents not included.


Fun For The Holidays

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Gnaughty or Gnice Musical Snow Globe Whether you are on Santa’s “gnaughty” list or “gnice” list, you will love this two-sided gnome-themed winter snow globe. Plays the tune “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. This playful snow globe makes a good- natured Christmas gift for gnome collectors or anyone who appreciates unique holiday décor. Resin/Glass. 5.5"H. 211107 | $45.00

Color-changing lights!

Gnome Place Like Home For The Holidays LED Figurine A trio of gnomes decorates a frosty tree with candy canes and shiny Christmas trimmings. A truly unique holiday accent, the tree lights up from within to create a magical scene sure to delight one and all. Resin/Acrylic. Includes 3 button cell

batteries. 8"H. 211406 | $45.00


Set of 2 Gnaughty Or Gnice Mugs Whether you are in a giving mood or feeling a little grumpy, this gnome mug set has you covered! This set features two adorable gnomes, one “gnaughty” and one “gnice”, and makes enjoying coffee, tea, or cocoa, extra fun. Each mug measures approximately 4.5"H and holds 15 oz. Ceramic. Hand wash only. 211411 | $25.00


Annual Series

Add personalization to any ornament $ 7. 99

May Your Spirits Be Merry And Bright The 13th introduction to the Annual Santa series of figurines and gifts celebrates his Christmas Eve adventures. With a lantern to light his path, St. Nick appears to be whistling, singing, or perhaps sharing a jolly “ho, ho, ho.” Figurine and ornament are bisque porcelain, the wind-up musical snow globe is resin and glass and plays “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”. Annual Santa Figurine | 4.75"H. | 211011 | $50.00 Annual Santa Musical Snow Globe | 5.75"H. | 211102 | $40.00 Annual Santa Ornament | 3.5"H. | 211012 | $32.50

13 th in Series

Christmas Is Coming, Enjoy The Ride The sixth introduction to the Annual Elf series of figurines and ornaments, this elfin cutie races down a hill in his toboggan made of candy canes. He shares a wave as he enjoys the wild ride of Christmastime! Bisque porcelain. Annual Elf Ornament | 4"H. | 211014 | $32.50 Annual Elf Figurine | 5.25"H. | 211013 | $50.00

6 th in Series | 866-336-2554


Contents not included.

May Your Christmas BlossomWith Peace And Happiness Sharing a beautiful wish for peace and happiness, the 11th introduction to the Annual Angel series of figurines, ornaments, and snow globes features a beautiful angel adorned with Christmas foliage. With wings outstretched, she is a lovely reminder to let goodwill bloom this season. Figurine and ornament are bisque porcelain. The wind-up musical snow globe is resin and glass and plays “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”. Annual Angel Musical Snow Globe | 5.75"H. | 211105 | $40.00 Annual Angel Ornament | 3.5"H. | 211020 | $32.50 Annual Angel Figurine | 4.75"H. | 211019 | $50.00

11 th in Series

May Your Neighs Be Merry And Bright Wearing a holiday harness and a bow in her tail, this elegant Clydesdale is the 3rd introduction to the Annual Animal series of figurines, ornaments, and snow globes. These gifts make majestic additions to any holiday décor. Figurine and ornament are bisque porcelain. The wind-up musical snow globe is resin and glass and plays “Jingle Bells”. Annual Animal Figurine | 4.75"H. | 211015 | $45.00 Annual Animal Ornament | 3.25"H. | 211016 | $27.50 Annual Animal Musical Snow Globe | 5.75"H. | 211103 | $40.00

3 rd in Series


Annual Series Snowmen are so jolly, it is no wonder they are some of our favorite winter friends.

12 th in Series

Add personalization to any ornament $ 7. 99

Contents not included. Each sold separately.

Wrapped Up In Holiday Cheer The 12th introduction to the Annual Snowman series of figurines, ornaments, and snow globes features a fine, frosty fellow tipping his hat to all he meets. Figurine and ornament are bisque porcelain, the wind-up musical snow globe is resin and glass and plays “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. Annual Snowman Figurine | 5.5"H. | 211017 | $50.00 Annual Snowman Ornament | 3.5"H. | 211018 | $32.50 Annual Snowman Musical Snow Globe | 5.75"H. | 211104 | $40.00 | 866-336-2554


Limited Editions

May Your Blessings Be Bountiful Figurine Love is, indeed, the greatest blessing, as this couple sweetly illustrates. Gazing into each other’s eyes, these two are so grateful for their life together. They have everything they need as long as they have each other! Limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide. Bisque porcelain. 7.25"L x 5.25"W x 7"H. 211022 | $125.00


Grateful To Give Thanks With You Figurine Limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide, this figurine encourages a thankful heart throughout the harvest season. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"L x 4.75"W x 5.75"H. 201034 | $124.99



Gifts To Say “I Love You”

A Cozy Ride By Your Side Figurine A young couple gets cozy in a red holiday sleigh, celebrating the season the best way they can, side by side. They wear their coats and mittens, but it’s their love that truly keeps them warm. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211044 | $85.00

Contents not included.

Add personalization to any ornament $ 7. 99

I Love You To The Moon And Back Ornament Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 219010 | $32.50 EXCLUSIVE

Our Love Keeps Us Warm Figurine Even during the coldest winters, the joy and love felt during the holidays provide warmth like no other. This holiday couple is bundled up in their winter gear to share a special moment in the snow. Hand in hand, they know a Christmas kiss chases any chill away. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211035 | $65.00

You’re My Always Ornament Bisque porcelain. 3"H. 202007 | $32.50 | 866-336-2554 10

Inspiring Gifts For Girls

Tree lights up and changes colors

Tree-mendous Fun LED Figurine This sweet girl and her penguin friends inspire fond memories of caroling, untangling lights, and placing that treasured star at the top of the tree. With mesmerizing colors and dazzling lights, this figurine makes the perfect Christmas gift for nearly anyone on your holiday list! Resin/Acrylic. Includes 3 button cell

batteries. 7.5"H. 171413 | $40.99

#You’re Awesome Ornament This ornament is ideal gifts for kids, family, friends, or anyone who ranks #1 in your life. Bisque porcelain. 3.75"H. C. 201037 | $27.99 Personalized | $35.98 Greatness Is Already Inside You Ornament Give this darling ornament to a gymnastics fan you know to encourage her to have the confidence to know that greatness lies within her. Bisque porcelain. 3.5"H. B. Brunette (shown) | 211036 | $27.50 Blonde Exclusive | 211036D | $27.50 Believe In Yourself Ornament This ballet dancer shares a message of encouragement that is surely welcome at Christmastime and all year through. Bisque porcelain. 4.25"H. A. Blonde (shown) | 201038 | $27.99 Brunette Exclusive | 201038D | $27.99





Gifts The Whole Family Will Love

EXCLUSIVE All Roads Lead Home For The Holidays Ornaments

There is no place like home for the holidays! Cruising toward a merry Christmas, these festive youngsters couldn’t be happier than to be on the road in their vintage roadsters. Bisque porcelain. 3.25"H.

Girl | 219008 | $32.50 Boy | 219009 | $32.50

The Season’s Greatest Gift Is Family Photo Frame

Holds 4" x 4" photo. Resin/Glass. 7.5"H. 201408 | $25.99

Countdown To Christmas Calendar Count down the days until Christmas with a perpetual calendar featuring Santa Claus with his big bag of toys. This calendar allows excitement to grow each time the day is changed; a thoughtful gift for anyone! Resin. 6"H. 211407 | $35.00 | 866-336-2554


Add personalization to any ornament $ 7. 99

My Bear-y First Christmas Ornament You only get one first Christmas, so commemorate it with something “bear-y” special. This sweet teddy bear ornament holds a gift labeled “My Bear-y 1st Christmas” – perfect for boys and girls! Bisque porcelain. 2.75"H. 211037 | $27.50

Cozy Christmas Wishes Ornament This festive fox features an endearing expression along with red and green accessories. This ornament makes a unique gift for everyone on your list. Bisque porcelain. 2.75"H. 209042 | $27.99 EXCLUSIVE

Little Miracle Baby Photo Frame Ornament Whether holding a sonogram photo or one of a little one in a cute Christmas outfit, this adorable ornament is the perfect way to showcase a treasured image upon a holiday tree. Holds 2" x 3" photo. Resin/Glass. 3.25"H. 211412 | $17.50

Santa’s On His Way Figurine Milk and cookies for Santa are as timeless as any treasured Christmas tradition. Surely St. Nick deserves some treats while traveling on Christmas Eve, and this festive young lady is happy to oblige before she snuggles in for sugar plum dreams. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 211041 | $55.00 Personalized | $62.99

Believe In The Magic Of Christmas Ornament Nestled in for a nap, this sweet baby is resting up for all the wonder and magic the season holds. Bisque porcelain. 3.5"H. 209012 | $27.99 Personalized | $35.98 EXCLUSIVE

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Delightful Autumn Décor




Display these cuties on a Halloween tree or hang them on a mantel ornament display for a sweet touch throughout the spooky season.

You’re Boo-tiful Ornament Resin. 3.25"H. A. 211402 | $17.50

Trick Or Treat, You’re So Sweet Ornament Resin. 3.25"H. B. 211403 | $17.50 Have A Purr-fect Halloween Ornament Resin. 3.25"H. C. 211404 | $17.50

Candy Corn Kisses And HalloweenWishes Figurine Sampling a piece of candy corn from her bag of trick or treat goodies, this costumed cutie with a furry friend is dressed just like the time-honored treat! A thoughtful gift for someone with an October birthday, it sweetly accents Halloween décor. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 219007 | $50.00 Personalized | $57.99 EXCLUSIVE

Have A Purr-fect Halloween Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 209011 | $50.99 Personalized | $58.98 EXCLUSIVE | 866-336-2554 14

You’re The Apple Of My Eye Figurine They have found the shiniest red apples from the tree, but it’s nothing compared to the love they have for one another. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211021 | $75.00

Pumpkin SpiceWith You Is Nice Figurine Illustrating best friends sharing some fall favorites, this figurine features two girls enjoying delicious apple cider donuts and warm pumpkin spice lattes on a crisp autumn day. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 201035 | $90.99 Personalized | $98.98

Personalize It See Page 24 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Customizable Figurines We are delighted to introduce new figurines made even more special with a personal touch! Select hair color and skin tone for each character to match you or your loved ones.

Choose one hair color and one skin tone option for each character.

Each figurine is expertly hand- painted in your selected hair color and skin tone and shipped to you within 6-10 weeks.






You’re The Sister I Chose Customizable Figurine Friends share a bond like sisters. This endearing figurine is perfect to customize to look like you and your BFF, making a treasured gift that represents your lifelong friendship. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 219012 | $100.00 shown: Girl 1 - red hair, light skin Girl 2 - blonde hair, light skin EXCLUSIVE

Forever In Love Customizable Figurine Each couple’s love story is unique and beautiful in its own way. Sporting their brand new wedding bands, this happy couple raises their arms in joyful celebration of their love. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 219014 | $100.00 shown: Girl - brunette hair, medium skin Boy - blond hair, light skin EXCLUSIVE


Founded In Faith, Joined In Love Customizable Figurine

Each couple’s love story is unique. Blessed are those who have come together in faith. Side-by- side, this couple shares a tender moment as they sit on a beautiful wrought-iron bench. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 219013 | $100.00 shown:

Girl - blonde hair, light skin Boy - black hair, dark skin | 866-336-2554 16

Inspirational Gifts

Keep Moving Forward Figurine Your load may be heavy, but no matter how slow going it might be, all you have to do is keep moving forward. Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. 209038 | $70.00 EXCLUSIVE

Baking Every Day Perfect Figurine This figurine is perfect for the one who takes first place in your book. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 209036 | $45.00 Personalized | $52.99 EXCLUSIVE

Heart Of Gold Figurine Sure to touch the heart of anyone in the medical field, this figurine will let them know their efforts

have not gone unnoticed. Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. 143030 | $37.99

Keep Looking Up Figurine An outgoing adventurer stands face- to-face with her favorite species, the three-toed tree sloth. She shows that encouragement can be found in unlikely places! Bisque porcelain. 7"H. 202008 | $65.00

Don’t Give Up, You’re Almost There Figurine Encourage someone to realize just how close they are to reaching their dreams! Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 202009 | $52.00


Seasonally-Inspired Angel Series Complete your collection with all 6 seasonally-inspired angels.




Wreathed In Autumn Beauty LED Figurine Shining with autumn’s splendor, this stunning fall angel offers thanks for a bountiful season. A light glows through the pierced porcelain leaves of her skirt. Bisque porcelain. Includes 2 button cell batteries. 4.5"H. F. 219006 | $35.00




Seasonal Angel Series LED Figurines Bisque porcelain. Includes 2 button cell batteries. 4.5"H. A. Snowflakes Are Winter’s Butterfly | 209039 | $35.00 B. Let Your Heart Guide You | 209040 | $35.00 C. Irish Eyes Are Smiling | 209041 | $35.00 D. Live Life In Full Bloom | 209044 | $35.00 E. Sweet Land Of Liberty | 209045 | $35.00 EXCLUSIVE

E | 866-336-2554 18

Love-Inspired Figurines

You Make My Heart Glow Figurine A romantic candlelit dinner is the ultimate date night! So clearly in love, this sweet couple shares a special meal, but the food is secondary to the company they share. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211034 | $90.00 Personalized | $97.99

We Are Mint For Each Other Figurine Sharing a minty frozen treat at their favorite ice cream parlor, this couple finds such happiness in knowing they are truly meant for one another. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211032 | $75.00 Personalized | $82.99

You’re My Passport To Happiness Figurine A journey with the one you love always makes the trip more enjoyable. Strolling through the airport hand-in-hand, this happy couple has their carry-on baggage behind them and a fun adventure in front of them. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211033 | $80.00 Personalized | $87.99

You’re My Favorite Place To Be Figurine This comfortable couple shows that sometimes the best place to be is cuddled next to the love of your life, watching your favorite show, with adorable pets by your side. Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 172005 | $80.99

Personalize It See Page 24 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Serene Angels




May Peace Surround You Musical Figurine With a sculpted halo of holly and fir atop her head, this angel lovingly holds a snow globe with a Nativity scene tucked inside. Plays the tune “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”. Resin/Glass. 6"H. B. 201418 | $30.99 EXCLUSIVE

May Peace Surround You Cross Give the gift of an angelic peaceful blessing that is appropriate for Christmastime and all year through. Sculpted sprigs of holly and fir adorn this cross while an angel holds her hands in prayer. Resin. 8.5"H. A. 201420 | $30.99


May Gentle Peace Surround You This Season Figurine A picture of harmony, this Limited Edition figurine is limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide. Featuring angels with blue eyes, this playful pair stretches their glittering wings as they spend a snowy afternoon with a polar bear. Bisque porcelain. 7.5"L x 5"W x 7.25"H.

C. 201023 | $149.99 Personalized | $157.98

Silent Night, Holy Night Figurine Honor the season with an angel who sits upon a crescent moon while reflecting on the wonder of our Savior’s birth. Beautifully serene in her white robe, this figurine makes an angelic addition to any holiday home décor. Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H. 211042 | $75.00 | 866-336-2554 20

Family Traditions

All I Want For Christmas Figurine They’ve been waiting all year to share their lists! Dressed sharply for the occasion, eager little ones share their Christmas requests with the man who can make it happen. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 201028 | $90.99

Nestled In Christmas Bliss Figurine Bliss can be found in the quietest Christmas moments. Snuggled close with someone you love is possibly the best place to be on a chilly winter day! Cuddled beneath a warm blanket, these two share a story and some popcorn. Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. 201029 | $90.99 Personalized | $98.98

Personalize It See Page 24 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Birthday Train



















Clown Conductor: Bless The Days Of Our Youth Figurine A. 5"H. | 142019 | $37.99 Caboose: May Your Birthday BeWarm Figurine B. 2.75"H. | 142020 | $27.99 Age 1: Happy Birthday Little Lamb Figurine C. 3"H. | 142021 | $27.99 Age 2: God Bless You On Your Birthday Figurine D. 3.75"H. | 142022 | $27.99 Age 3: Heaven Bless Your Special Day Figurine E. 3.5"H. | 142023 | $27.99 Age 4: May Your Birthday Be Gigantic Figurine F. 4"H. | 142024 | $30.99

Age 5: This Day Is Something To Roar About Figurine G. 4.25"H. | 142025 | $37.99 Age 6: Keep Looking Up Figurine H. 5.5"H. | 142026 | $37.99 Age 7: Wishing You Grr-Eatness Figurine I. 4"H. | 142027 | $37.99 Age 8: Isn’t Eight Just Great Figurine J. 4.75"H. | 142028 $37.99 Age 9: Being Nine Is Just Divine Figurine

Age 11: Take Your Time It’s Your Birthday Figurine M. 4.25"H. | 142031 | $37.99 Age 12: Give A Grin And Let The Fun Begin Figurine N. 4.75"H. | 142032 | $37.99 Age 13: You Mean The Moose To Me Figurine O. 5"H. | 142033 | $37.99 Age 14: It’s Your Birthday - Live It Up Large Figurine P. 3.5"H. | 142034 | $37.99 Age 15: It’s Your Birthday - Go Bananas Figurine Q. 4.75"H. | 142035 | $37.99 Age 16: 16 And Feline Fine Figurine R. 4.5"H. | 142036 | $37.99

K. 4.25"H. | 142029 | $37.99 Age 10: May Your Birthday Be Mammoth Figurine L. 4.25"H. | 142030 | $37.99 | 866-336-2554 22

Growing In Grace

Visit for Growing In Grace ages 10-16.

Precious Baby Figurine

Age 5 Figurine



| 152011 | $40.99 | 152011B | $40.99 | 152011D | $40.99 | 152012 | $40.99 | 152012B | $40.99 | 152012D | $40.99 5.5"H. | 154034 | $40.99 | 154034B | $40.99 | 154034D | $40.99 | 154035 | $40.99 | 154035B | $40.99 | 154035D | $40.99 4.75"H. 4"H. | 154036 | $40.99 | 154036B | $40.99 | 154036D | $40.99 5.25"H.


| 133023 | $25.99 | 133040 | $25.99 | 133023D | $25.99 | 142010 | $35.99 | 142010B | $35.99 | 142010D | $35.99 3.5"H. | 142011 | $35.99 | 142011B | $35.99 | 142011D | $35.99 | 142012 | $35.99 | 142012B | $35.99 | 142012D | $35.99 3.5"H. 4"H. | 152010 | $35.99 | 152010B | $35.99 | 152010D | $35.99 3.75"H.

Blonde (shown)

Brunette (shown) Red Exclusive Age 6 Figurine


Red Exclusive Age 1 Figurine

Blonde Brunette


Brunette (shown) Red Exclusive Age 2 Figurine Blonde (shown) Red Exclusive Age 3 Figurine Brunette

Red Exclusive (shown)

Age 7 Figurine Blonde (shown) Red Exclusive Age 8 Figurine Brunette Brunette (shown) Red Exclusive Age 9 Figurine Blonde (shown) Blonde

Blonde Brunette

Red Exclusive (shown)

Age 4 Figurine


Brunette (shown) Red Exclusive


Red Exclusive




2022 Share A Smile 16-Month Wall Calendar

2022-2023 Every Day Is An Adventure Pocket Planner Make every day an adventure with our 2022-2023 pocket planner. Paper/Plastic. 3.75"L x 6.25"H. DDPP38-2822 | $6.99 It’s easy to share a smile when you plan your year with our 16-month wall calendar. Paper. 12"L x 12"H. DDW319-2822 | $15.99

2021 Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ®

In honor of this special anniversary, Club Membership is only $40.00 for a full year!

• FREE Symbol of Membership Figurine Believe In Pure Beauty • EXCLUSIVE ability to purchase three 2021 Members’ Only Figurines • FREE one-year digital subscription to MOMENTS Magazine, the official publication of the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® • FREE shipping on all eligible purchases † • FREE figurine and doll personalization on eligible products † • EXCLUSIVE invitation to join the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® Facebook group • EXCLUSIVE ability to earn Share Love Rewards Points three times faster Earn benefits* only available as a Member, including:




Believe In Pure Beauty 2021 Symbol of Membership Figurine Included with paid membership! A. CC219001 Life Is More Beautiful With A Friend 2021 Members’ Only Figurine B. CC219003 | $60.00


Trust In The Beauty Of Love 2021 Members’ Only Figurine D. CC219002 | $70.00

Beauty Is In The Little Things 2021 Members’ Only Figurine C. CC219004 | $50.00

Gift Memberships Available Now! 3 WAYS TO PURCHASE YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP:

1. Catalog order form

2. Call 1-877-496-8725

3. Visit

*Restrictions apply. Visit for details. † Valid on eligible purchases made through and Precious Moments Mail Order Division.


Keep The Memory Of Loved Ones Close

Because SomeoneWe Love Memorial Photo Ornament Holds 2.5" Dia. photo. Ceramic. 4" Dia. 191446 | $20.99

Forever In My Heart Ornament Honor all of those who are forever in our hearts, even if we can’t be with them in person during the holidays. This ornament is perfect for anyone who is missing someone this Christmas. Bisque porcelain. 3.5"H. 211038 | $27.50

Carried On Angel Wings To Heaven Ornament When someone truly touches our hearts, even when they are gone, they are never forgotten. Ceramic. 4"H. 201455 | $15.99

Love Is Forever Memorial Ornament Personalize this lovely memorial ornament with a name and a date or a special message as a lasting tribute to a truly wonderful life.

Ceramic. 4" Dia. 191486 | $20.99 Personalized | $28.98 | 866-336-2554 26

Because SomeoneWe Love Memorial Ornament

Fur-Ever In Our Hearts Pet Memorial Photo Ornament Holds 2.5" Dia. photo. Ceramic. 4" Dia. 191488 | $20.99

Personalize this lovely memorial ornament with a name and a date to celebrate the life of loved ones who have passed. Ceramic. 4" Dia. 191444 | $20.99 Personalized | $28.98

May Angels Embrace You Photo Frame Give a gift of comfort when you remind someone that their loved one is forever in the embrace of angels. Intricately detailed angel wings surround one 4" x 4" photo. Resin/Glass. 6.75"H. 192405 | $35.99

Forever In My Heart Cross Sharing the sincere truth, this beautiful tabletop cross features a graceful angel and a reassuring reminder that our loved ones will always live on in our hearts. Zinc alloy. 3.5"H. 182403 | $15.99

Personalize It See Page 24 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Magnificent Nativity Scenes

Behold The Newborn King Figurine The Christmas story is brought to life through this beautiful interpretation of the Holy Family enveloped by the wings of a magnificent angel. Mary and Joseph look upon the precious child while an angel wearing a golden halo keeps watch over them all. Limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide. Bisque porcelain. 8.5"L x 5.5"W x 7.25"H. 211039 | $150.00 LIMITED EDITION | 866-336-2554 28

Remember the meaning of Christmas with these precious Nativity scenes.

Let Heaven And Nature Sing Cross Christmas is a time for Heaven and Earth to sing! This Nativity cross features the Holy Family and a pair of jubilant angels trimmed with golden accents to add a touch of faith to holiday décor. Bisque porcelain. 7.25"H. 201106 | $40.99

Celebrate The Miracle At The Heart Of Christmas Nesting Nativity Set A truly unique Nativity set, the Holy Family opens to reveal a shepherd and two sheep. This clever nesting doll design makes an uplifting addition to any holiday décor. Resin. 4 pieces. 6"H. 201406 | $35.99


This lovely window feature is made of glass with golden accents.


Unto Us A Child Is Born Musical Just as was foretold, a Savior was born unto the Virgin Mary. A tender portrayal of that miraculous night in Bethlehem, this beautifully detailed musical figurine plays the tune “O Holy Night”. Resin/Glass. 7"H. 201110 | $50.99

Let Earth Receive Her King Ornament A touching Nativity scene appears on this hand- sculpted ornament, making a reverent addition to any tree. The Holy Family stands beneath a Star of Wonder, marking the day the Savior was born. Golden accents give this ornament an ethereal feel. Bisque porcelain. 4" Dia. 201022 | $32.99 | 866-336-2554 30

Advent Calendars

Winter Moments LED Advent Calendar Start the Christmas countdown with a unique Advent calendar that celebrates the joys of being home with the ones you love around the holidays. Each day leading up to Christmas, open a drawer to reveal a special surprise and add to the peaceful holiday scene. The house lights up with three included button cell batteries. Wood/Resin. 25 pieces. 10"L x 2.25"W x 12"H. 201407 | $134.99


Crèche is removable for more display options.

Storybook included!

Nativity Advent Calendar with Storybook Invite the whole family for a faith-filled countdown to Christmas. This Advent calendar includes 24 elegant miniature figurines, a lovely storybook with a poetic passage that matches the figurine for each day, a simply beautiful crèche, and a stunning three-dimensional Advent calendar box with dated drawers. Resin/Wood. 27 pieces. 10"L x 2.5"W x 13.5"H. 181402 | $135.99 | 866-336-2554 32

Holiday Table Accents

Gather HereWith Grateful Hearts Platter Make holidays and everyday special with this handcrafted platter. Ceramic. Hand wash only.

17"L x 12"W x 1"H. 191412 | $45.99

Eat Well Pray Often Love Always Pitcher This pitcher adds a simply elegant touch of faith to seasonal and special occasions all year long. Ceramic. Hand wash only. 8.5"H. Holds 44 oz. 173410 | $25.99

A Grateful Family Is A Happy Family Table Runner Polyester. Embroidered. Hand wash only. 72"L x 13"W. 191411 | $30.99


Ne’Qwa Art ® ornaments are created by hand-painting original art in reverse on the inside of mouth-blown glass.


Merry & Bright 1st Christmas Nancy Mink Glass. 3"H. 7211104 | $29.00


Christmas Cheer Emma Leach Glass. 3"H. A. 7211112 | $29.00 Personalized | $36.99

© 2021 Nancy Mink | © Emma Leach | © 2021 Keith Staple- ton. Licensed by Advocate Art Agency. | © Marcello Corti/ SCCS, Inc. | © 2021 Daniel Rodgers. Licensed by Advocate Art Agency. | 866-336-2554 34



Ho Ho Ho HereWe Go Daniel Rodgers Glass. 4"H. D. 7211114 | $29.00 Personalized | $36.99

The Magic Of Christmas Keith Stapleton Glass. 3"H. B. 7211113 | $29.00 Personalized | $36.99

Santa’s WinterWonderland Marcello Corti Glass. 6.5"H. C. 7211127 | $48.00


Winter Song Nancy Mink Glass. 5.5"H. 7211122 | $48.00 Personalized | $55.99

All Hearts Come Home Simon Treadwell Glass. 5.5"H. 7211132 | $48.00 | 866-336-2554 36

Silent Night, Holy Night Sarah Summers Glass. 3"H. 7211108 | $29.00

Glory To The Newborn King Sarah Summers Glass. 5.5"H. 7211124 | $48.00

Each Ne’Qwa Art® ornament is packaged in a satin-lined foil stamped gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Our Savior Is Born Marcello Corti Glass. 6.5"H. 7211125 | $48.00

© 2021 Nancy Mink | © 2021 Simon Treadwell. Licensed by Advocate Art Agency. | © Sarah Summers/SCCS, Inc. | © Marcello Corti/SCCS, Inc.


Sweet Surprises For Little Ones

May Your Dreams Come True Sparkle Unicorn Stuffed Animal Sparkle Unicorn provides a little bit of shining light and inspiration when needed most. Plush. 8.5"H. A15713 | $13.99

Puppy Love Cocoa Labrador Stuffed Animal

Big puppy dog eyes, soft fur, and floppy ears will have you falling in love with this adorable plush chocolate labrador. A bean-filled bottom ensures he sits upright like a good boy! Plush. 8.5"H. A15834 | $13.00

Snuggle Me! Barley Bear Stuffed Animal There’s just something about a teddy bear that just begs to be hugged. Lovable, huggable Barley Bear is no exception. Plush. 8.5"H. A15841 | $13.00

I Moose Have A Hug Monty Moose Stuffed Animal With plush antlers and a cute

message, you simply “moose” hug this adorable stuffed animal as soon as possible. Plush. 8.5"H. A15810 | $13.99 | 866-336-2554 38

Inspiring Gifts For Girls

Kick Like A Girl Figurine Practicing each move to perfection, this student of martial arts demonstrates discipline, patience, and persistence. Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. 202013 | $45.00 Personalized | $52.99

You Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go Figurine Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 192006 | $45.99

Set Your Goals High Figurine Some girls are just goal-oriented! This one has her eye on the target and is ready to give it her best shot. Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 202012 | $45.00 Personalized | $52.99

Greatness Is Already Inside You Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 193006 | $40.99

Personalize It See Page 24 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Gifts Kids Will Adore

Girls Are Beautiful Soft Baby Doll Give a pretty Precious Moments doll made for ages 2+! This adorable 9.5" doll is dressed in a lovely pink satin dress. Plastic/Polyester. 15562 | $25.00

Love You Bunches Soft Baby Doll Inspire your little one’s imagination with our soft baby doll made for playtime or naptime. This adorable 9.5" doll is dressed in a lovely blue polka dot dress. Plastic/Polyester. 15561 | $25.00

My Christmas Bible Storybook This delightful collection of sweet stories, songs, prayers, and scriptures illustrated with original Precious Moments art will entertain children while they learn the faithful message about the real meaning of Christmas. Padded board book. 5" x 7" 34 pages. 1937-4 | $9.99

Little Book Of Thanks Padded board book. 5" x 7" 32 pages. 9864-3 | $9.99

Happy Harvest Padded board book. 5" x 7" 32 pages. 3241-8 | $9.99 | 866-336-2554 40

Collectible Holiday Dolls

Merry Christmas Doll There is no mistaking which holiday is this little cutie’s favorite! Dressed from head to toe in red and green, she brings a festive feel to any

A Dolly For Christmas Doll Having received just what she wished for, this Christmas cutie wears a beautifully detailed red gown with white lacy sleeves as she hugs a sweet rag doll of her very own. Vinyl. 12"H. PMC6642 | $48.00

space. Vinyl. 9"H. PMC3525 | $30.00

You’re A Deer Doll This sweet brunette boy is dressed as his favorite winter animal. He looks adorable with his face painted just like a reindeer and makes a precious Christmas gift. Vinyl. 9"H. PMC3552 | $32.00

Prancing Into The Christmas Spirit 29th Annual Stocking Doll

Go all out with the newest addition to the Stocking Doll annual tradition! The 2021 doll features feathers, sequins, and sumptuous satin. The set includes an ivory-colored satin stocking with coordinating trimmings. Vinyl/Fabric. 16"H. PMC1254 | $50.00

These dolls are not toys and are intended for collection and/or display purposes only. For the adult collector over 14 years of age.


Enchanting Disney Princess Characters

It’s AMagical Day Disney Princess Perpetual Calendar

Beautiful Disney Princess characters - Ariel, Rapunzel, and Jasmine - make every day special. This calendar can be used year after year, making it a magical gift to be treasured. Resin. 4.5"H. 211408 | $55.00

Best Day Ever! Disney Tangled Figurine Rapunzel and Flynn know how to share a special day, and even Pascal gets in on the fun! Inspired by Disney’s Tangled , this figurine is perfect for anyone who knows how to make the best of every day. Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H. 211027 | $75.00

Never Stop Dreaming Disney Cinderella Figurine

A beautiful nod to a sweet scene from Disney’s animated film Cinderella , this figurine will remind you how hard the Princess tried to stay positive in tough situations. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 211025 | $60.00 Personalized | $67.99


Take Your Future By The Reins Merida Figurine

On her trusty steed Angus, this courageous girl knows her future is what she makes it, so she takes her aim! Limited to just 3,500 pieces worldwide, this uplifting Limited Edition figurine is inspired by Princess Merida from Disney and Pixar’s Brave. Bisque porcelain. 9"L x 5.5"W x 9"H. 211030 | $135.00 | 866-336-2554 42

© Disney/Pixar.

Classic Disney Characters

You Sped AwayWith My Heart Disney Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse Figurine Mickey Mouse has an arm around his best girl as this classic couple cruises down the street in their vintage cherry red automobile. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 211702 | $100.00

I’mOver The Rooftops For You Disney Mary Poppins Figurine With her magical umbrella in hand, this confident young lady stands upon a chimney ready to make the next adventure happen. Straight from the Disney film, Mary Poppins , everyone’s favorite nanny inspires this darling figurine. Bisque porcelain. 6.75"H. 211023 | $55.00

For The Love Of Hunny Disney Winnie The Pooh Musical Snow Globe Disney’s Winnie The Pooh has found himself a hive full of honey and the bees are none too thrilled! Plays “The Winnie The Pooh Theme Song”. Includes 3 button cell batteries. Resin/Glass. 5.5"H. 171708 | $50.99

Don’t Feed The Bear Disney Winnie The Pooh Musical Snow Globe Pooh’s delightful antics always bring a smile. Here he may have eaten a bit too much honey and requires a little help from Rabbit. This musical snow globe plays “The Winnie The Pooh Theme Song”. Resin/Glass. 5.5"H. 203704 | $50.00

© Disney. Based on the “Winnie The Pooh” works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.


The Little Mermaid

With You, I Have It All Disney The Little Mermaid Figurine Celebrate the beginning of happily ever after! A young, sea-ravaged prince lifts his courageous princess out of the waves, just as Prince Eric did for Ariel. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 203065 | $65.00

You Leave Me Speechless Disney Ursula Musical Snow Globe

Let someone know they leave you utterly speechless with an underwater snow globe featuring Ursula the villainous Sea Witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid . Plays “Moonlight Sonata”. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 211108 | $50.00


Explore This World Disney Ariel Covered Box Disney’s Princess Ariel sits keeping watch over your valuables. Resin. 4"H. 202036 | $25.00

Disney Ariel LEDMusical Dressed as Disney’s Ariel, color changing lights shine through the star-shaped cutouts on this darling’s flowing gown. Plays the tune “Part Of Your World”. Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 5.5"H. 192111 | $40.99 | 866-336-2554 44

Beauty And The Beast

True Beauty Is FoundWithin Disney Beauty And The Beast Rotating Musical Snow Globe A true beauty to behold, this musical figurine inspired by Disney’s legendary animated classic plays the tune “Beauty And The Beast”. The dancing couple within rotates as the music plays. Resin/Glass. 6"H. 203161 | $55.00

Your Love Lifts Me Higher Disney Beauty And The Beast Figurine A beautiful moment immortalized in porcelain, this figurine captures the joy Belle would have felt while dancing with her new prince as he lifts her into the air. Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H. 203062 | $65.00 Personalized | $72.99

Friends Like You Are A Beautiful Adventure Disney Belle Figurine Wearing a wintry cape, just like Disney’s studious princess Belle, a sweet girl enjoys a snowy day with a visiting cardinal. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 201065 | $55.99

DreamOf Adventure Disney Belle Figurine

Invite dreams of grand adventures! With a book in hand, this beauty walks along a cobblestone road, clearly mid-song, hoping for a reason to leave her small village and experience something more. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 203061 | $50.00

Personalize It See Page 24 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


For Fans of Disney’s Frozen

You’ve Always Been My Queen Disney Frozen 2 Figurine

Inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2 , a lovable young man lifts his queen up off the ground, just as Kristoff may have done for Anna. Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H. 211028 | $75.00 Personalized | $82.99

Find Your Spirit Within Disney Elsa Figurine Dressed as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen 2 , a confident young lady welcomes the dawning of a new day and the discovery of her true self and purpose. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 211029 | $65.00

TogetherWe’re Strong Disney Frozen 2 Figurine Hand-in-hand, these strong, beautiful sisters are inspired by the royal sisters of Arendelle. When they stand side by side, they are confident that anything is possible! Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 203063 | $70.00 Personalized | $77.99

Believe In The Journey Disney Elsa Musical Snow Globe

Dressed as Elsa, this powerful beauty is ready to embrace whatever the journey brings her way. Inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2, this enchanting snow globe plays “Swan Lake” as leaves flutter around. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 203162 | $45.00 | 866-336-2554 46

The Princess And The Frog

My Dream Starts With Me Disney Tiana Figurine

The evening star is great for wishing, but can only take you so far. This The Princess And The Frog figurine is a reminder to put in the work to make your dreams come true. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211026 | $55.00

Love Finds AWay Disney The Princess And The Frog Musical Snow Globe Tiana and Prince Naveen from Disney’s The Princess And The Frog are a testament to the power of love and determination. This enchanting snow globe plays “Clair de Lune” and offers the sentiment “Love Finds AWay” on its base. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 202427 | $50.00

Visit for more Disney inspirations.

You Make My Heart Leap Disney Tiana Figurine Looking much like the beautiful and determined Princess Tiana, this lovely girl receives a smooch from her froggy prince. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 201063 | $55.99


Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ®

Simple to join and the benefits last an entire year. See page 25 for details.

NewCustomizable Figurines

Order early to get your custom figurine in time for Christmas!

Customize hair color and skin tone to match you and your loved ones. EXCLUSIVE

See page 16 for details.

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