HF-GB-17664, Rev. D | Page 7 / 8 Status: 07/2023

Mouth Mirrors

Processing: - To avoid scratches on the mirror surface from other pointed instruments, reprocess in an instrument cassette with instrument rails. - Clean, disinfect and sterilize in a completely disassembled state. Cleaning / Disinfection: Note: All types of Rhodium coated Mouth Mirrors should not be cleaned and disinfected in an ultrasonic cleaner.


Sterilization: -

O-Rings cannot be dry heat sterilized

Osteotomes and Osteotome Handles

Processing: Clean, disinfect and sterilize in a completely disassembled state if applicable.

Plastic Filling Instruments

Processing: - Process in cassettes or trays with instrument rails to avoid scratches on the surface from other pointed instruments. Maintenance: - Residues of Filling Materials and etching products must be removed immediately. - Plastic Filling Instruments are designed with an extra smooth surface, in order to provide a better handling with composite materials. Scratches that are not visible might cause composite materials to stick to the rougher surface. Cleaning / Disinfection: - For resin or silicone products do not use detergents or disinfectants containing phenols or iodophors. Sterilization: - Dry Heat is explicitly not compatible with Instruments with resin handles (handle #8), with resin or Silicone components, inserts on any instruments, or with resin cassettes.

Resin Instruments, Resin Components or Resin Cassettes

Retractors, Metal

Processing: - Removable retractor tips must be disassembled from the handle before cleaning/disinfection and sterilization.

Retractors, Plastic (CRPC, CRPA)

Cleaning / Disinfection: - Can only be disinfected by chemical disinfection. Do not clean / disinfect in a Washer- Disinfector unit.

Sterilization: -

Do not sterilize (steam, dry heat etc.)!

Root Canal Instruments

Processing: - Reprocess in suitable endodontic stands (i.e. Hu-Friedy IMS-1275).

Cleaning / Disinfection: - Pre-treatment should be conducted outside the Endodontic stand. - Automated cleaning and disinfection in a Washer-Disinfector unit is recommended. - Ultrasonic cleaning in the Endodontic stand is not recommended.

Scalpel Handles

Processing: - Clean, disinfect and sterilize in a completely disassembled state.

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