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We will continue to voice our opposition to the mayor’s (and his allies on council) deplor- able interpretations of his electoral promises concerning good governance, transparency and accountability, all of which we believe have been grossly violated. Citizens for Ethical Government, along with other groups such as the Citoyen clarence- rockland citizens Facebook site, have long expressed concerns about the future of our mu- nicipality and how it is governed, in addition to the questionable conduct of the mayor and his allied councilors. We will work toward a common goal – the restoration of good governance and ethics in our political process. In three years, this administration has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from city coffers and our pockets in order to finance questionable, suspicious activities; which these monies could have been better used invested in economic growth and our roads. For example, several hundreds of thousands of dollars were used to neutralize the chief administrative officer, Daniel Gatien, who was deemed to be a hindrance to their political agenda; an estimated thousands more taken from our pockets (Vox Populi city inserts) to fund what, in our opinion, is a political campaign pamphlet, the Prescott-Russell Tribune; and hundreds of thousands more dollars were awarded to two companies singled out by the Charbonneau commission as being heavily involved in collusion. It is our belief that these criminally charged individuals will now likely investigate how they can once again dip into our pockets to cover the legal costs associated with their breach of trust charges. We therefore demand our criminally accused politicians, as a matter of ethics, to volun- tarily step aside and we will continue to demand that the provincial government intervene to facilitate the restoration of what we as citizens of Clarence-Rockland, as Ontarians and Canadians deserve and expect; ethical, good, and effective governance, transparency and accountability.

The October 7th Citizens' rally in Bourget was an exceptional success in voicing and dem- onstrating the resolve of Clarence Rockland's citizens in reclaiming our town. We feel the roughly 300 who participated in the October 7th rally expressed what the overwhelming silent majority feel; the loss of confidence that now exists towards what is visibly a dysfunctional municipal council. If the same proportion of the population that mobilized here on October 7th was to mobilize in Toronto or Ottawa, these cities would see over 50 000 people marching in Toronto and 15 000 in Ottawa. These are huge numbers and indicative of the level of frustration and distrust which exists primarily towards mayor Guibord, councilors Choinière and Félio, more so since they have been criminally charged for breach of trust, and to some extent councilors Campeau and Henrie who more often than not have sided with the mayor's reprehensible policies and decisions. The municipal council should not underestimate the numbers, resolve or energy of citi- zens. The October 7th rally was the first of many actions to come. Planning for initiatives is already underway. We will continue to demonstrate against further attempts to reduce transparency. Mayor Guibord and councilor René Campeau have set themselves up as access to infor- mation coordinator which will make it even more difficult for you to gain access to munici- pal information. All requests must go through them, which, according to the office of the Privacy Commissioner, presents a “highly unusual” arrangement as it adds another barrier citizens must overcome given that such a function is normally assigned to a neutral party or the City Clerk. We will continue to use our legal right to demonstrate and voice our opposition at at- tempts to silence us in our opposition to this mayor’s reprehensible, unethical behavior to protect political agendas.

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