2019 Impact Report

IMPACT REPORT | 2018-2019

YEAR IN REVIEW 2018-2019

2,907 patients received hospice care

657 patients received palliative care

417 veterans were honored at pinning ceremonies

673 children participated

214 children

350 children and

and teens attended summer grief camp

in school-based and after-school bereavement support groups

adults received crisis intervention support after community tragedies

351 stuffed bears and pillows were created as precious keepsakes for bereaved families

356 volunteers dedicated 12,437 hours of their time to our community

762 adults

engaged in individual counseling sessions

or bereavement support groups

Cover photo: Clover and Bella (Story on page 8)


Dear Friends,

The Elizabeth Hospice aspires to a world in which every life ends with compassion, dignity and peace.

Since 1978, it has been our honor to provide medical, emotional and spiritual support to children and adults facing the challenges associated with an advanced life-limiting illness and to offer counsel and comfort to those who are grieving. Our dedication to delivering high quality care has earned us a reputation as a trusted resource for hospice care, palliative care and grief support in San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County. I’m excited to share some of our many accomplishments from the past year: • The Elizabeth Hospice was recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization as a We Honor Veterans Level 5 Partner. We are the only hospice organization in Southern California to have achieved this level of distinction. • The Joint Commission, an independent organization that certifies and accredits healthcare institutions across the U.S., awarded our palliative care program with their Gold Seal of Approval ® . This award demonstrates our commitment to quality and dedication to excellence. • We provided grief support to 1,093 children and teens through our Children’s Bereavement Program, an increase of 102% vs. the prior year. Among the enhancements to our offering was the introduction of an alumni camp for grieving children. On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff, I want to thank you for your generosity and support. Your investment in The Elizabeth Hospice enables us to provide an array of services to children and adults living with a serious illness as well as grief support to those who are feeling lost and alone. We could not do this vital work without you.

With gratitude,

Jan Jones, RN, BSN Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Many thanks to our patients and their families, our clients, volunteers and donors who allowed us to share their photos and stories in this Impact Report.


HOSPICE CARE Since 1978, The Elizabeth Hospice has been at the forefront of hospice care in San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County. With skill, compassion and kindness, our services go beyond answering questions and providing resources. We become our patients’ trusted companion and customize the care experience to meet their unique needs and wants.



Ari was born with a rare genetic disease and was not expected to survive her first day of life. She didn’t want to eat; she couldn’t swallow. At three weeks of age, Ari’s parents, Bianca and Danny, brought her home from the hospital, planning to spend the short time that they would have together as a family. Ever since Ari left the hospital, The Elizabeth Hospice has been caring for her and her family. Our Pediatric Team works in concert with Ari’s pediatrician and specialists to relieve her symptoms and manage her pain. Through education and support programs, we provide Bianca and Danny with the tools to confidently care for their child at home. The services provided by The Elizabeth Hospice go beyond medical care to providing emotional support for the entire family through programs like music therapy. “Music therapy is designed to address a patient’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs,” said Michelle Goldbach, Director of Pediatric and Palliative Care for The Elizabeth Hospice. “Ari may lack the muscle strength to sit up by herself but she can respond to music.”

One of the other benefits of these music therapy sessions is that they are an activity that the family can enjoy together. Ari’s big sister, Ava, helps her shake a tiny maraca, pull on colorful ribbons and reach over her head to grab the tambourine. “The care that our family receives from The Elizabeth Hospice is amazing,” said Bianca. “Everyone is so kind and it’s comforting to know that we have their support.” Ari has come a long way over the past eight months. At first it was hard for her to remain awake during the music therapy session. Now she squeals with laughter when she hears the music, kicks her feet and reaches out to touch the instruments. Music therapy is helping her increase her strength, mobility and motor skills.



Frank and Sue had the type of relationship most people only dream about. They connected on every level and shared the same dreams and goals. “We showed up for each other and had each other’s back,” said Frank. “All of these things caused our souls to become intertwined.” When Sue received the diagnosis of brain cancer, Frank accompanied her on the roller coaster ride of emotions, hoping for the type of brain tumor that was treatable but ultimately learning that Sue’s prognosis was terminal. He engaged The Elizabeth Hospice for end-of-life care. After Sue’s passing, the things that Frank loved—cooking, playing the guitar, listening to music, watching the sunset— became difficult for him to enjoy. “I was stuck. My inner clock stopped working while the whole world’s clock kept ticking,” he said. Frank sought grief counseling from The Elizabeth Hospice. When it was determined that there were obstacles preventing the natural grieving process to progress, Frank began a comprehensive counseling program for complicated grief.

“Losing a spouse is life-changing,” said Liane Fry, Clinical Counseling Program Supervisor for The Elizabeth Hospice. “For some, the feelings of loss are debilitating and even with time there is little adaptation to the loss. This is known as ‘complicated grief,’ and we can provide a specific treatment to resolve this.” In addition to individual counseling sessions, Frank began attending a spousal support group with The Elizabeth Hospice. “I’m surrounded by others who understand what I’m feeling and I never fail to learn from them. For me, group is a life boat, a place for travelers who are waiting to get back to a life filled with meaning and purpose.” Frank is now focused on appreciating the 50 years that he had with Sue instead of being constantly consumed with the sadness of losing her. “Little by little, I am becoming unstuck,” continued Frank. “Along with the love and support of my family and friends, I credit my counselor and The Elizabeth Hospice with saving my life.”


GRIEF SUPPORT FOR ADULTS Recognizing that everyone processes grief in their own way, we offer a range of techniques and tools. These include experiential therapy, traditional talk therapy and support groups. We also specialize in treating people whose painful emotions are so long-lasting that they have difficulty recovering from the loss and resuming their own life.


GRIEF SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS The Elizabeth Hospice has the most comprehensive program in San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County for grieving children and teens. Our services, which are open to everyone in the community, include: on-campus grief support groups in 20 school districts, peer grief support groups in our Children’s Bereavement Centers in Escondido and Mission Valley, summer grief camps, grief education for school professionals, and one-on-one counseling.



“My brother Paul always made me feel like I was on the top of the world,” said Bella. “He saw my potential. He wanted me to be the best person, the best Bella, I could be.” After Paul died at the age of 15 from a seizure, Bella showed no emotion. She didn’t cry. She was numb. Bella’s mother, Clover, reached out to The Elizabeth Hospice for help. She enrolled Bella in our summer grief camp which combines grief-related activities with traditional camp fun. At camp, children and teens honor and memorialize the death of their significant person while making friends with others who are facing similar circumstances. Camp Spero is open to all grieving children (ages 7 to 17) in the community and is offered free of charge. “My favorite part about camp was the ceremony at the lake,” said Bella. “There was music playing and we were all crying. But it was a good cry. I was in this community of people who were vulnerable but strong because we were together. That felt like magic.”

After camp, Bella joined the Teen Grief Support Group offered by The Elizabeth Hospice. “We talk about our life. We talk about all aspects of grief. We go off each other’s thoughts and give each other advice.” “There are some parts about grief that are bad and some that are even worse. We get into those deeper parts. It’s great to be in a space with people who are going through the same thing that you are.” Before attending camp and group, Bella couldn’t talk about the day she found out that Paul had passed. “I pretended it never happened,” said Bella. “Now I can share the story. I look back at it as a memory, not a nightmare.” “I feel grief changed me in a way that nothing could ever have changed me,” Bella continued. “Yes, grief is terrible, traumatizing and heartbreaking. But it made me stronger. I think Paul would be very proud of me.”


LILY, CAROL AND NANCY Like a queen taking her place on a throne, Lily carefully settles herself onto Carol’s lap, just the perfect distance from Carol’s hand. Without pause, Carol begins petting this beautiful long-haired feline between the ears with soft, continuous strokes. Lily lies there quietly, gazing at Carol. Content and relaxed, you can feel their special connection.

“Lily is a treasure,” said Carol. “Her calico striping, amber eyes and soft white coat make her a magnificent creature. She’s majestic and so sweet. It’s such a treat when she comes by for a visit.” “Lily loves Carol,” said Nancy. “She almost jumps out of the van when we pull up at the residential facility where Carol lives. If I were to let loose of her leash, Lily would go directly to Carol’s front door.” “Cats are very much in demand,” added Nancy, who has been volunteering with The Elizabeth Hospice for several years. “I wish more people would have their cats certified as therapy pets. They bring comfort to patients and provide a ‘fur fix.’” The Pet Therapy Program is one of many free services offered by The Elizabeth Hospice. These programs are made possible by volunteers who generously donate their time and talent to caring for members of our community.

Health issues prevent Carol, a patient with The Elizabeth Hospice, from having her own pets but that hasn’t diminished her desire for their companionship. She has been a cat lover since childhood. The neighborhood cats knew to make their way to her family’s house where they received food and attention. When Lupita, the social worker on Carol’s care team, learned that Carol is a cat lover, she asked Carol if she’d like to meet Lily, a certified pet therapy cat, and Nancy, her human companion, who volunteer with The Elizabeth Hospice. Carol’s response was an enthusiastic “Yes.”


GIVING As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Elizabeth Hospice provides medical, emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families dealing with the challenges associated with a life-limiting illness, and offers comfort and counsel to those who are grieving, regardless of their ability to pay for services. We could not do this important work without the support of generous individuals like you.



Dr. Nicholas Tsoulos, pediatrician, neonatologist and long-time resident of North San Diego County, remembers meeting Elizabeth (Betty) Bulen and her three wise and compassionate colleagues (all named Elizabeth) who established the organization. “These were fine women, committed to caring for the terminally ill and their families. They had high ideals and devoted themselves to doing important work for the people in their community,” said Dr. Tsoulos. “Four decades later, the organization has stayed true to its founders’ mission and has earned a reputation as a quality hospice with caring at its base,” he continued. Dr. Tsoulos began donating to The Elizabeth Hospice early in its development. His relationship with the organization deepened when his mother, Katherine, experienced significant health issues at the age of 96. He had been overseeing his mother’s medical care for years— accompanying her to doctor visits, answering her questions and providing advice. But when she was at the end of her life, he felt the need for additional support so he turned to The Elizabeth Hospice.

“Mom wanted to spend her final days at home with family, rather than in the hospital. We contacted The Elizabeth Hospice and they made all the arrangements, began their care in the hospital and seamlessly coordinated care with the hospital’s medical team,” said Dr. Tsoulos. Within hours, the equipment was ordered and everything was in place at her home. Over the next few days, the care team focused on making Katherine comfortable and answering the family’s questions. “Even though I’m in the medical field, I’m not an expert in end-of-life care. I found it very reassuring and comforting to have The Elizabeth Hospice with us by my mother’s side. Hospice allowed our family to spend the precious time we had left celebrating life and sharing beautiful memories.” Dr. Tsoulos believes in giving back to his community especially to organizations that have touched his and others’ lives in a personal way. “I’m proud to support The Elizabeth Hospice because of the high- quality work they do and for helping me fulfill my remarkable mother’s wish to be surrounded by family and friends at the end of her life.”

For information about ways to give, contact our Philanthropy Department at 760.796.3737.




30% 14%





14% 34%







AGES 2-10


AGES 11- 20

105 498 523

AGES 21 - 50

AGES 51 - 70

AGES 71 - 80




FINANCIALS 2018-2019


$36,954,361 $2,831,543



$854,037 $498,545






$19,931,527 $9,750,234 $2,330,272 $7,285,105









Fiscal Year 2019 began on July 1, 2018 and ended on June 30, 2019.


OUR MISSION To enhance the quality of life for those nearing the end of life’s journey and for those who grieve.

OUR VISION The Elizabeth Hospice aspires to a world in which every life ends with compassion, dignity and peace.

BOARDOF DIRECTORS 2018-2019 Michelle Hays, Board Chair Jan Jones, Chief Executive Officer

Guy Anastasia Edward Croft Theodore Davis Doug Dawson Robert Hemker, Immediate Past Board Chair Dan Laframboise

Debra Lange Fred Nasseri Mark Neu Lori Rappaport, PhD Cynthia Robertson, MD Brian Walsh

500 La Terraza Blvd., Suite 130, Escondido, CA 92025 | 800.797.2050 | elizabethhospice.org The Elizabeth Hospice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Federal Tax ID 95-3275679


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