A Guide to Pet Insurance - Let's get #morepetsinsured

A guide to pet insurance #morepetsinsured



We’re on a mission

At MiPet Cover , we want to see more of the UK’s pets insured.

As a nation of pet lovers, it’s sad to see that only 25% of dogs & 14% of cats have pet insurance in place in case of unexpected illness or injury. We know you love your best friends. We know they mean the world to you. This is why we want to send out a message to all pet owners. Let’s get #morepetsinsured It really is as simple as that.

Source: ABI 2021


What’s best for my pet? With so many pet insurance policies available in the market, it can be confusing as to what’s really right for you and your pet’s needs. Annual policies Annual cover, also known as ‘time-limited’, is quite literally that - cover that lasts for 365 days. Once the year is up, any cover for an illness or injury that occurred in that policy year will come to an end. Lifetime policies Lifetime policies offer a far more comprehensive level of cover for your pet. These policies will offer a fixed amount of veterinary fee cover which will be renewed every policy year, so long as you remain on the same policy with the same provider. Lifetime cover will ensure that your pet can receive lifelong treatment should they have a condition such as diabetes or arthritis.


Annual vs Lifetime It’s easy to just pick the cheapest policy and relax. Take some time to consider if that policy would be enough if your pet suddenly developed a life long condition.

Only covered for one year

Covered for life

Year 1


Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 6

Year 5

Year 7

Year 8+

An annual policy will only cover your pet for any new illnesses and injuries for 365 days.

A lifetime policy offers cover for life, so long as your premiums are kept up to date and you renew your cover every year.



Other types of cover

Our veterinary people always recommend that lifetime cover is the best type of cover for your pet. Here are a few other types of pet policies and the definition of cover.

Accident only These are generally 12 month policies that cover the cost of treating your pet in the event of an accident. These policies may cover the cost of ongoing care of your pet for that injury so long as you continue your cover.

Maximum benefit These policies provide a fixed amount of money to cover the cost of any treatment for each new illness or injury. This amount will continue for each illness or injury so long as the policy is renewed or until the limit has been reached.

Remember: Your pet may no longer be covered for any pre-existing conditions if you decide to change your policy or provider.


Caring for your pet It’s always wise to consider all the costs associated with your pet’s ongoing health care.

Many veterinary practices offer subscription plans (such as The Healthy Pet Club - visit thehealthypetclub.co.uk ) where you can easily manage the costs of your pet’s everyday health care. These plans usually include benefits such as flea and worm treatments, vaccinations and check-ups. These plans are not intended to act as your pet’s insurance. It’s important to ensure your pet’s vaccinations are kept up-to-date. If your pet is not vaccinated against certain diseases, you may find your insurance policy will not cover the cost of a claim in the event of your pet becoming unwell.


There’s no NHS for pets Sadly, there’s no free National Health Service for our pets.

Here are some of the average costs associated with veterinary treatment for cats and dogs.


*Source: MiPet Cover claims Oct ’20-Mar ‘21

Source: MiPet Cover claims 2020

What to look for in a pet insurance policy In addition to vet fee cover, here are some other policy benefits and features you might like to have:

Holiday cancellation If your pet became ill and you had to cancel a planned holiday or trip at short notice, you might be able to recover your financial losses. Third party liability cover What would you do if your dog injured someone or damaged another person’s property? This cover helps with the legal side of things. Advertising and reward costs If your pet went missing, you could get help with the advertising costs and a reward fee if they’re found. Dogs only

Other things to look out for are complementary therapies, PETS passport cover, pet helplines and quarantine costs.


Still not convinced? If you still don’t think it’s worthwhile insuring your pet, here are some facts, figures and statistics that might make you think again...

Without quibble, we paid 95.3% of all claims . (Includes only “pre-existing” and “within waiting period” declinatures) The average pet insurance claim in 2020 was a staggering £817. (Source: ABI, 2021)

Top claims for dogs

Top claims for cats

Gastro intestinal problems








Gastro intestinal problems




Foreign body ingestion






Ear infection

Ear infection

Source: MiPet Cover claims 2020 11

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