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Through training, Nathan says, “We start to form a language of respect and empathy. In the end, dogs need a job, and good behavior is a job.” When dogs start acting anxious — through excessive barking, destruction, cowering, or otherwise acting out — training can “give them boundaries and hold them accountable,” he says.

COPING WITH CANINE FEAR DURING VISITS Most humans like to be a little scared — it’s why we enjoy Halloween and watch horror movies. But few of us enjoy abject terror. That’s what many dogs feel when they come to our office for a visit. It breaks our hearts to see them frightened, too. But responding the wrong way will only reinforce the fear. “People assume that dogs lashing out are ‘aggressive,’ but most of the time, they’re fearful,” Dr. Clark explains. “They’re hoping people will leave them alone if they act that way.” Many owners whose dogs are fearful at the veterinary office ask for sedatives to help their dogs cope. The intent is good, but Dr. Clark says, “There’s a lot of data showing those pills make the dogs worse. They can’t react the same way and seem better on the outside. But their cortisol levels show an increase of stress.” It’s not a quick fix, but the solution to a dog’s fear is behavioral, not pharmaceutical. “When a dog is afraid, I ignore them,” Dr. Clark says. “I don’t talk to them, pet them, or look at them. I make sure they don’t see me as a threat. Then, they have time to calm down before we even touch them.”

Nathan is also a family man who understands that training is a matter of safety. He and Amanda have three children: Suzannah (5), Alannah (4), and Marjorie (11 months). They also have a son on the way they will name Rowan. If you see him out and about, his two dogs, Arya and Noelle, will likely be well-behaved by his side.

“One of my favorite things is educating people about their dogs’ behavior and how compassionate training can help,” Nathan says. “We pride ourselves on training

the dogs other trainers won’t take and consider a lost cause. I believe I can take any dog and make them a suitable companion for somebody.”

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That’s the opposite of what many owners do. “If a dog acts scared, it’s our natural human nature to coddle them,” Dr. Clark acknowledges. “But when you go out of your way to comfort them, they start to think maybe there really is something to be afraid of. I sometimes have to point out that the owner’s reaction is making the situation worse.” Though it hurts to do, not acknowledging the dog’s fear is a better approach in non-dangerous situations. Dogs are perceptive and can even tell when their humans are on edge. “It takes time,” Dr. Clark says. “You have to be really motivated and understand that you’re trying to undo years of learned behavior.” Normalizing the veterinary office also helps. “I encourage owners to bring dogs in just because,” Dr. Clark says. “Stop in, grab a cookie, and leave. That way, the dog will learn this isn’t a bad place, and they don’t have anything to be afraid of.” It might not work immediately, but combined with a nonchalant approach to veterinary visits, you’ll eventually have a more relaxed pup.

1. Preheat oven to 325 F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 2. In a large bowl, mix wet ingredients together (egg, honey, almond milk, pumpkin, vanilla extract, and peanut butter). 3. In a separate bowl, mix dry ingredients together (flour, whole- wheat flour, baking powder, and cinnamon). 4. With your hands, combine the wet and dry ingredients until the dough is pliable. 5. Roll the dough until it’s about 1/2-inch thick. 6. Using cookie cutters, cut the dough into shapes of your choice. 7. Place “bones” on the baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes. 8. Flip the bones and bake for another 15 minutes. Allow to cool. 9. In a small bowl, melt the yogurt chips in the microwave, stir, and use as icing. 10. Serve to your pups — and watch them enjoy!

– Dr. Jevon Clark



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