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Many Animals, Many Jobs My Best Friend, Dr. Brea Smith T his is Kalika — Kika for short. I used to live at the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita, Kansas, but long ago I moved down here to Texas with my best friend, Dr. Brea Smith. When I was a pup, I was pretty wild and drove Brea

a vet would mean getting to help basically all of God’s creatures, not just dolphins and whales. She continued volunteering at the wildlife center for a couple of years as she finished school. Once she got out of undergrad, Brea called every veterinary clinic in town, looking for a place where she could get started. Eventually, one doctor decided to take a chance and became a great mentor to Brea. At that clinic, Brea got her start as a kennel person and worked her way through every position a person can have in the veterinary industry. She would soon get into vet school, and 10 years later, here we are! Today, Brea really loves getting to help so many different kinds of animals in so many different ways. She helps pets who are feeling sick and helps their owners learn how to understand their pets better. The relationship between a pet and their person can improve so much when pets get started on a good foundation while they are young and when owners understand that everything, from behavioral training to nutrition, is important for keeping their pet happy and healthy. This is part of the diversity in veterinary medicine Brea enjoys so much. She gets to do a little bit of everything. She’s not just a dentist, a teacher, or a surgeon; she gets to be all of the above and more! Some days, she’s an obstetrician too. Just the other day, she got to deliver some babies at the clinic. Being a vet means it’s not the same thing every single day. Each day brings something new and that’s really exciting. Personally, though, there are some things I wouldn’t mind getting to do every day — like swimming! -Kika

a little crazy. We went through training classes together and today I’m a true top dog. I have to be a good example around our house, because there are five other dogs and two cats running around. It’s a lot of commotion sometimes, but if you know Brea, you know she loves being around a lot of animals. Brea isn’t the kind of person who grew up thinking she wanted to be a veterinarian, but she did know she wanted to work with animals. As a kid, she wanted to be a marine biologist. Considering the fact she lived in the very landlocked state of Kansas, that might have proven to be a bit of a problem later on. Fortunately, during

She realized that being a vet would mean getting to help basically all of God’s creatures, not just dolphins and whales.”

her undergraduate studies, one of Brea’s mentors recognized that

sitting in a lab all day wasn’t for my friend. Brea wanted to be out there with animals, so her mentor suggested she consider entering veterinary medicine instead.

That summer, Brea interned at a wildlife center in Kansas. This gave her the opportunity to see the diversity of our world. She realized that being


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