Middle Tennessee Connected - Regional Transportation Plan


During the early stages of developing the Regional Transportation Plan, GNRC worked with community leaders and transportation officials to develop a policy framework to guide key decisions along the way. That framework includes a set of regional goals, objectives, strategies, and performance measures that offer a clear path to realizing the region’s long-term vision for success.

Long-Term Vision

Reimagined Corridors with Integrated Technology Reinvestment in existing roadways will maximize the benefit of limited transportation dollars and ensure that infrastructure is not overextended beyond the region’s ability to maintain a state of good repair. Emphasis should be placed on bringing roadways to design standards and integrating technologies to improve traffic operations and real-time travel information.

Expanded and Modernized Transit Options It is critical that the region place significant emphasis on improving public transit in the years to come. This will provide alternatives to congested roadways, and ensure Middle Tennessee remains a livable marketplace that can compete on a national and global scale.

More Active and Walkable Communities People are demanding safer and more walkable streets. Investments in infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists will enhance local commerce, foster healthier lifestyles, and serve as the backbone for transit expansion.


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