Middle Tennessee Connected - Regional Transportation Plan

$10.5 Billion Based on current funding levels authorized by U.S. Congress, the Nashville area is expected to receive approximately $10.5 billion over the next 25 years from federal transportation grants that are distributed by formula to states and metropolitan areas. That amount includes the required non- federal matching dollars provided by the State and local governments.

$2.8 Billion U.S. Interstate Funding for new or improved

Funding for WeGo Public Transit, the Franklin Transit Authority, and Murfreesboro Rover to conduct preventative maintenance, acquire and replace vehicles, improve transit stations and other facilities, and to expand the vanpool program and rural transportation services. $1.1 Billion Dedicated to Support Existing Local and Regional Transit interchanges, additional travel lanes, and technology upgrades to improve traffic operations and traveler information along the region’s Interstate

$260 Million in Federal Funds at 2 Percent Annual Growth Short-Term Priorities

Did You Know? The United States spends approximately $53 billion per year on transportation infrastructure programs across the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Of that amount the State of Tennessee receives about $1 billion per year in recurring federal formula funding through the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transportation Administration. Roughly $260 million per year of the State’s share is allocated for investment within the seven-county Nashville metropolitan area.

$125 Million Dedicated to a Regional Technology Program Funding to assist TDOT with completing a series of transportation improvements outlined in the 2016 legislation passed by the TN General Assembly.

Historically, federal funding for transportation projects is sourced from federal fuel taxes paid at the pump. Fuel taxes have not kept up with transportation costs. In recent years, Congress has transferred money from the general fund in order to prevent a decline in spending.


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