Middle Tennessee Connected - Regional Transportation Plan

KEY TAKEAWAYS There are more than 13,000 miles of roadways throughout the seven-county transportation planning area. That’s about the same distance one would cover by driving from Nashville to New York City to Los Angeles and back, twice. Of those roadway miles, nearly 3,000 miles nearly 3,000 miles are considered major roadways and are eligible for federal transportation grants made available through the Regional Transportation Plan. Even though pedestrians are involved in less than one percent of all vehicular crashes in the region, they are disproportionately impacted by their severity. The number The number of pedestrian deaths has risen sharply in recent years and today represent about 18 percent of all traffic fatalities. In just the five years between 2015 and 2019, the number of pedestrian fatalities nearly doubled, from 25 to 44 deaths.

73,355 Roadway crashes in 2019


Crashes resulting in serious injuries or fatalities in 2019


Traffic fatalities in 2019


Pedestrian fatalities in 2019


SEVEN Miles of major roadways that have sidewalks P ercent of major roadways have bicycle facilities

35,000 Daily transit trips


3,000 Miles of roadway Miles of major roadways

One-way trips per capita each day 3.98


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