The Livewell Collective - October 2019



For the better part of 2018, I suffered from minor, but annoying back pain. I don’t know exactly what started it (most likely something stupid I did at the gym), but what mattered is it was sticking around. Then, one day I was at home, bending down to move a box of files from one room to another, and “snap!” Debilitating pain hit me all at once. I could tell this wasn’t the regular old aches that become the background radiation of every CrossFitter’s life — this was a real injury. It would be four weeks before I managed to crawl my way back into the gym, and even then, I had to stick with the light weights; I couldn’t even attempt my favorite exercise, the power clean. That’s when I brought my woes to Greg Hammond. Chances are you know Greg by his Instagram handle, @concept2greg. While we were catching up, I mentioned my back pain struggles. Turns out he had a similar injury in the past, and the way he dealt with it blew me away: CBD oil. Now, I’d heard the hype around cannabidiol oil for some time, but I thought it was just that — hype. A lot of praise for the stuff seemed way too good to be true, something we see all the time with health industry fads. But here was a man I trust, without any ulterior motive, telling me about how he overcame his back pain in weeks thanks to CBD oil. I decided I may as well give it a shot. I got some hemp extract in tincture form and started putting a few drops on my tongue a day. I wasn’t a fan of the taste, and I was still skeptical if this stuff was really going to work. But within a week, I was back to lifting heavier weights at the gym and moving without pain. Maybe there was something to this whole CBD thing after all. I started talking with my team about it, and, to my surprise, most of them already used CBD oil regularly after a workout! While scientific research on the benefits of CBD are still ongoing, everyone at team O2 had similar experiences of eased recovery after using the hemp product. Naturally, the gears started turning.

Being in the recovery business, it was an easy leap to want to combine the benefits of O2 with those of CBD oil. Taking the extract as drops on the tongue was awkward and unpleasant, so what if you could get all the same benefits within a great tasting beverage? It sounded impossible, but then again, so did creating a successful oxygenated recovery drink. The struggle was getting the taste right. We tried so many different strains of CBD, and the results always tasted like drinking O2 out of a bong. A big problem was that the hemp industry is still very much like the wild west at the moment; many strains may as well be bathtub gin. But, after a long search, we found Oleo, a manufacturer of a strain of CBD oil with zero THC and a proprietary microencapsulation process that eliminates taste. This was our game-changing ingredient. So, I’m excited to announce that by the end of this month, we’ll be rolling out our first two flavors of O2 + Hemp CBD: caffeinated Pomegranate Guava, and caffeine free Peach Pear. These 12-ounce cans have slightly less caffeine and electrolytes than our base O2 formula, but add 10 milligrams of hemp extract with no THC. You get the great taste and oxygenated benefits of O2, alongside the recovery power of CBD oil — and without the bad taste and fear of failing a drug test. O2 + Hemp CBD will be available online to our core customers exclusively before we expand toward regular sales later this year. This is by far the most cutting-edge product we’ve ever offered, and we’re excited to hear what you think!


–Dave Colina Founder, O2


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