WHS Brochure 2019


The ARA’s Workplace Health and Safety Committee brings together diverse representation from the retail industry and encourages the sharing of best practice work, health, and safety initiatives. The Committee encourages retailers to identify topical health and safety matters and work collaboratively to design and deliver guidance and solutions that benefit retail organisations and their workforces. The Committee has developed excellent rapport with health and safety regulatory bodies, enhancing the quality and practicality of regulator programs and guidancewithin the retail sector. “ ” Amy Towers - Culture and Engagement Risk Expert, Risk Collective

Committee Achievements

Over the past few years, the Committee has helped achieve many positives for the retail industry: • Networking to allow members to establish key industry connections • Sharing information on managing mental health • Providing policy feedback to regulators and government bodies • Represented at Safe Work Design Working Group andWorkSafe Victoria • Improved regulatory engagement in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria • Nominating candidates for Young Workers Forum SafeWork NSW • Facilitating guest presentations • Facilitating regulator presentations

• Producing a Loss Prevention in Retail guide • Development of ladder selection guide • Sharing WHS data

• Industry case law reviews • Benchmarking best practice • Webinar on Chain of Responsibility law changes • Sharing technology and supplier information regarding safety innovations • Exchanging information of commonality regarding suppliers

In 2019, the focus will be on strategies around Mental Health in the Workplace.

The Committee see this a as key issue which is impacted by multiple factors in the workplace, including workplace culture, job design, workload, and work/life balance, as well factors such as crime, verbal abuse, and physical safety.

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