WHS Brochure 2019

Meetings The committee meets twice a year and hosts a work health and safety forum for members once a year.

1. Retail WHS Initiatives and Programs 2. WHS Regulator Programs 3. Guest Speakers 4. WHS Grants and Funding 5. Legislation, Regulatory and Case Law Update MEETING AGENDA (SAMPLE)

Mariam Veiszadeh, Advisory Director DCA as Keynote Speaker

Panellists at the“Diversity 101”HR Retail Forum

“The Millennial Movement”HR Retail Forum

July 2019 WHS Committee Meeting

Industry Consultation Meeting

Industry Lunch Briefing

Rosemary Jacob MEMBER ENGAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT MANAGER rosemary.jacob@retail.org.au


03 8660 3325 1300 368 041

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