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Tot-Trek™ Modular Structures Start with the Tot-Trek base unit and add on different play components based on the phases to the right (or start with the largest)! Available in a primary or natural color scheme. endless configurations

Panel Playground Structures Ages 6–23 Months

Phase One Structure: TFR0520XX Age Group: 6-23 Months Capacity: 5 Structure Size: 8' x 6' Includes: • Stairs • Slide • Bubble Window • Texture Panel • Climber

Phase Two Structure: TFR0533XX Age Group: 6-23 Months Capacity: 10 Structure Size: 12' x 8' Includes: • Phase One • Bridge • Climber • Stairs • Activity Panels

Phase Three Structure: TFR0518XX Age Group: 6-23 Months Capacity: 15 Structure Size: 14' x 15' Includes:

• Phase Two • Crawl Tube • Slide • Activity Panels

Warning! Installation over a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, or packed earth may result in serious injury from falls. | 21

20 | To Order: 866.802.9441

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