Serrurier resigns

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ROCKLAND | Raymond Serrurier will not be sitting at the council table. The Ward 4 representative on Clarence- Rockland city council announced his resig- nation during the Nov. 18 session. “After three years of exclusion, the lack of ethics, the lack of respect, and the divisive leadership, I have had enough,” Serrurier said. He also cited family health and personal reasons for his decision to give up being on city council. He said those reasons were in addition to all the negative stress from be- ing part of a dysfunctional city council. Serrurier has held the Ward 4 seat for eight years. During the past three years as part of the council’s “old guard”, he has been an outspoken critic of Mayor Marcel Guibord and several of the rookie council members voted in during the November 2010 municipal election. His resignation announcement follows more than a month after Mayor Guibord and Councillors Di- ane Choinière and Guy Félio were charged, along with local lawyer and businessman, Stéphane J. Lalonde, with breach of trust. Lalonde is also charged with counselling to commit breach of trust. The charges resulted from OPP investi- gation of a series of emails exchanged be- tween the four following the November 2010 municipal election. The main subject of the emails concerned how to force the removal of then-city director Daniel Gatien from his position. At the time Gatien was pursuing a defamation suit against Lalonde, who was a former business partner of Gui- bord. Serrurier himself faces a legal issue deal- ing with a conflict of interest charge filed against him last year. He denied that his own court case has anything to do with his decision to resign and he also said he will fight to clear his name, adding that the charge is “politically motivated” and was filed by friends of the mayor. Serrurier said his involvement in Clarence- Rockland’s community affairs will continue after he steps down. No texting while driving Sgt. Patrick MacGregor answered a call about a suspected impaired driver seen swerving along County Road 17 in Alfred- Plantagenet Township after midnight Oct. 27. He intercepted a 2001 Volkswagen and found the driver had been texting on his mobile while he was driving. He also found a small amount of marijuana in the car. Brett Avery Govan, 29, of Alfred-Planta- genet Township was arrested for drug pos- session and also charged him under the Highway Traffic Act with using a handheld wireless device while driving. He was released on a promise to appear at the Nov. 20 provincial court session.

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