Fultz PT. Celebrating Our Newest Location!

As of March 19, we are excited to announce that Fultz Physical Therapy & Rehab has opened its newest location inside the Camp Forbing Town Center in South Shreveport.

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Celebrating Our Newest Location!


Our South Shreveport Location Is Open! As of March 19, we are excited to announce that Fultz Physical Therapy & Rehab has opened its newest location inside the Camp Forbing Town Center in South Shreveport. The South Shreveport location offers our newest special therapy services like Mechanical Spinal Decompression and Bloodflow Restriction as well as services offered at our Blanchard location such as dry needling, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, balance and vestibular rehabilitation, and pain and orthopedic services. You can visit our newest location at 9462 Ellerbe Rd, Suite 200, Shreveport, LA 71106 or call ahead to schedule your appointment! Feel free to visit, say hi, and check out our newest equipment and facilities!


Call Fultz Physical Therapy or visit fultzpt.com to learn more!

F O R A H E A L T H Y , A C T I V E L I F E

4. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SLEEP TO INCREASE RECOVERY. Instead of using your time spent asleep solely on getting your rest, you can help charge the recovery process overnight by consuming some slow-digesting proteins right before bed. These protein sources before bed will turn what is an otherwise catabolic 8 hours into productive recovery, repair and growth. If you want to take it to the next level, plan a meal in the middle of the night. 5. PREP YOUR MEALS. High performance athletes understand that periodization and preparation is everything when it comes to training. This kind of planning and evaluation should extend to the way you are fueling yourself. Do this by having your meals ready before you stumble in the door after a day of crushing workouts. Planning and prepping your meals ahead of time insures that you are making better choices. After a long day of up to 6 hours in the pool and the gym the last thing you wanted to do was prepare a meal. And so what happened? The convenience of the less healthy options almost always won out.

1. MIND YOUR GREENS. For athletes the focus is almost always on carbs and protein. One provides the fuel, and the other provides the restorative power to heal our muscles and keep us training at a high level. Protein and carbs are important, but so are the minerals and vitamins that facilitate their delivery and help to process them. Eat vegetables at every major meal, and try layering your vegetables. Have two or three different veggies at a time. 2. CRUSH SOME BERRIES TO BOOST RECOVERY. Want an easy way to reduce soreness? Accelerate your recovery efforts between sessions in the gym by crushing some blueberries. Eat 1-2 cups of berries a day to take advantage of these benefits. 3. USE PROTEIN AS THE ANCHOR FOR YOUR MEALS. As an athlete you already know the importance of crushing a fair amount of protein in order to keep your muscles recovering and prepared for battle. The lists of benefits of getting your protein in are substantial and are a bedrock part of the high performance athlete’s diet. Adequate protein intake maintains muscle, improves recovery, might improve cognition and sleep.


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Call 318.606.5262 to schedule your consultation or visit fultzpt.com to learn more!



Now In-Network with Tricare

Fultz Physical Therapy is now in-network with TRICARE , a health care program for uniformed service members, retirees, and their families. Tricare is a world-class health care system that supports the military mission by fostering, protecting, sustaining and restoring health. Their mission is to enhance the Department of Defense and our nation’s security by providing health support for the full range of military operations and sustaining the health of all those entrusted to our care. Tricare covers physical therapy services as needed or prescribed. If you are covered by Tricare, call 1-844-866-9378 to find out if your recovery could be covered!

Did You Know? You don’t need a prescription for physical therapy! Whether it’s a sports injury, chronic condition, or a simple check-up, you can take advantage of physical therapy

Receive Physical Therapy

Without the Prescription!

without a doctor’s referral. Find effective relief from:

• Pre/Post Surgical Rehab • Sports Injuries

• Knee Pain • Spinal Stenosis • Dizziness & Vertigo • Post Fracture • Arthritis • Chronic Pain

• Low Back Pain • Scoliosis • Neck Pain • Shoulder Pain • Sciatica • Herniated Discs

• Headaches • And More!

Taking care of yourself means taking charge of your healthcare, so remember that regardless of which physician you see, you have a choice when it comes to physical therapy. Call Fultz Physical Therapy at 318.606.5262 for a consultation.

Staff Spotlight Leigh Fultz

LEIGH FULTZ , Front Desk Staff Leigh has worked for Chris Fultz for 4 years in private practice physical therapy. Prior to this, she worked in and was licensed in property and casualty insurance before starting her family. She is married to her husband, Steve, and they have three children. They are also proud grandparents of two, Brooks and Naomi. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and sewing baby items for her business, Brooks and Belle Studio. Learn more about Fultz Physical Therapy and our other staff by visiting fultzpt.com.

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