Land Development Ordinance - Amended 8-8-2023

Figure – Permitted Encroachment Into Required Yard Setbacks

e. Features at Grade Level

Any vertical construction and/or roof on or over at-grade features shall meet the setback requirements of the district in which the feature is located in accordance with the Land Development Ordinance.

f. Maximum Aggregate for Permitted Exceptions in Zoning Lot Setbacks

Permitted exceptions in zoning lot setbacks shall not, in total aggregate, occupy more than 50 percent (50%) of the width of any single zoning lot required yard setback.


Fences and walls are permitted exceptions into the zoning lot setback requirements of the Land Development Ordinance, except as otherwise prohibited in the Land Development Ordinance, under the following regulations:

a. Fence Material

(1) Corporate Limits. A fence may be constructed of wood, masonry, stone, wrought-iron, black aluminum, synthetic material or chain-link, unless otherwise provided by the Land Development Ordinance. Fencing shall be installed with the finished surface facing out to a public street or an adjacent property. The use of chain-link fencing shall require the chain- link to be covered with a plastic coating of either black or green.

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