Land Development Ordinance - Amended 11-6-2023

Minimum Parking Required


Mini-storage, Self-Service Storage

1 per 5,000 sq. ft. of area for storage

Petroleum, Gas Products & Storage

1 per 2 employees on largest shift

Research & Development Facility

One per 1.5 employees or one per 500 sq. ft. of gross floor area whichever is greater

Other Uses 1 per 500 sq. ft. of gross floor area *No more than 125 percent (125%) of the required minimum number of parking spaces shall be provided.


Surface Material & Maintenance

All off-street parking areas, loading and unloading, service areas and any other area that is subject to or intended for parking or use by wheeled vehicles and/or traffic movement shall be paved with asphalt or concrete surface, except as otherwise provided in this Article, and shall meet the following standards:

(1) Minimum Construction Standards . The minimum construction standards shall be in accordance with the Town’s Standard Specifications & Construction Details.

(2) Maintenance . All off-street parking areas, travel lanes, access drives, markings and loading and unloading areas shall be maintained at the expense of the owner(s) in good repair and dust-free condition at all times based on the following schedule:

A. Markings . Markings shall be refurbished a minimum of once every 36 months.

B. Parking Surface . Parking surfaces for off-street parking and service areas shall be maintained in good repair, and where surfaces are degraded (surface is deteriorated where the paving surface is broken or missing exposing the subsurface area) and becomes hazardous to pedestrians and/or vehicles the owner of such off-street parking area and/or service area shall be responsible to make such repairs within 90 days of written notification by the Town.

C. Lighting. All required, private, off-street parking lot lighting shall be maintained and operational.

e. Construction Alternatives

Off-street parking, loading and unloading, and service areas subject to vehicle traffic may use an alternative surface including, but not limited to, grass pavement devices, pervious asphalt, and gravel under certain conditions as outlined in the following standards:

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