Land Development Ordinance - Amended 11-6-2023

appearance where parking is located. These standards emphasize the placement and design of parking areas, traffic movement design, ingress and egress, landscaping and buffers, lighting, and pedestrian access and safety.

a. Parking Location

Off-street parking shall be located in the side yard or rear yard of the principal building, except that parking may be permitted in the front yard area of the principal building which shall not exceed an area greater than 65 feet in depth between the edge of the required street landscaping along the front property line and walkway in front of the principal building. Proposed off-street parking with a total of 50 parking bays or less shall be exempt from this standard.

(1) Shopping Center Exemption . Shopping centers are exempt from the standard of sub- section “a” above because of the size and integration of multiple buildings and uses, however all other standards in this Section shall apply.

(2) Heavy Industrial Exemption. Uses permitted in the Heavy Industrial zoning district are exempt from the standard of subsection “a” above, if a 40’ Type A landscape buffer is provided in lieu of the landscape buffer indicated in §9-1714 Landscaping, Buffers & Screening, Table – Landscaping, Buffers & Screening.

b. Design Elements within the Parking Area

Proposed off-street parking areas shall be arranged and designed using landscape islands, landscape medians, plazas, courtyards, walkways and/or buildings. These elements used in the design and arrangement of off-street parking are intended to create safe movements for pedestrians and vehicles through, to and from the parking lot area(s) to the building(s) or use(s) on the zoning lot or parcel. Landscape medians, landscape islands, perimeter landscaping and screening shall be provided in accordance with Article O Landscaping & Tree Protection Standards.

c. Wheel-Stops or Protection Devices Required

Where adjacent to a buffer, sidewalk or property line, wheel-stops shall be provided and located a minimum of three (3) feet from the edge of such buffer, sidewalk or property line to avoid vehicle encroachment into such buffer, sidewalk or property line. When no wheel-stop is provided, the edge of pavement or curb and gutter shall be provided a minimum of five (5) feet from the edge of such buffer or property line, or shall sidewalk shall be provided with a minimum of four (4) clearance. All measurements herein shall be provided assuming a two and a

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