Land Development Ordinance - Amended 11-6-2023

(3) Private Underground Utility Easements . No private underground utility easement shall be located within a required buffer yard, unless otherwise provided by this Article.


Open space and existing vegetation to remain as part of the landscape requirements or to maintain a natural buffer including the root zone (drip line) shall be protected with a temporary vegetation protection fence during all thoroughfare construction and/or site work activities, except where an approved subdivision or site plan includes alteration of the topography specified and approved on a grading plan.


In addition to the Town’s Standard Specifications & Construction Details the soil structure and conditions for planting strips, landscape areas, foundation planting, and tree planting shall be protected from compaction using the temporary protection construction fence. Soils used for landscape areas and planting of landscape material shall be loosened and reconditioned by tilling or aerating to a depth of six (6) inches before planting to support the long-term health and vitality of the landscape plant material.


Stormwater management devices may be integrated into the design of a site and included for compliance with the requirements of this Article, provided they are compliant with the requirements of Article I Environmental Protection Standards and the intent of this Section. The Planning Director and the Director of Engineering shall have final approval of such applications.


All landscape plant materials, buffers, street trees, landscape structures, seeding, mulching, and stormwater management systems shall be completed in accordance with any approved use, as a final subdivision plat or site plan prior to a Certificate of Occupancy being issued.

a. Installation

Plant material, including shrubs, groundcover, grasses and container grown trees, may be installed between March 1 and October 1. Field grown trees, balled & burlaped, shall be installed between October 1 and March 1; container grown trees may be utilized during other times of the year to meet the provisions of this Article. Such planting seasons may be varied based on the weather conditions at the time of the proposed planting by the Planning Director or his/her designee.

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