Land Development Ordinance - Amended 11-6-2023

(7) WATER SURFACE ELEVATION (WSE) (Flood Damage Prevention). The term defining the height, in relation to NAVD 1988, of floods of various magnitudes and frequencies in the floodplains of riverine areas.

(8) WATERCOURSE (Flood Damage Prevention). The term defining a lake, river, creek, stream, wash, channel or other open graphic feature on or over which waters flow at least periodically. Watercourse includes specifically designated areas in which substantial flood damage may occur.

(9) WATERSHED (Watershed Protection). The term defining the entire land area contributing surface drainage to a specific point (e.g. the water supply intake).

(10) WATERSHED ADMINISTRATOR (Watershed Protection). The term defining the Planning Director of the Town of Fuquay-Varina or their designee, who is responsible for administration and enforcement of the watershed protection regulations.

(11) WATER/ WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITIES. A central water system or wastewater treatment facility.

(12) WHOLESALE, BUILDING SUPPLY. An establishment primarily engaged in selling and/or distributing merchandise to retailers including construction materials, lumber, home-improvement merchandise, landscaping supplies and equipment, and similar wholesale items to retailers for retail sales. (13) WHOLESALE, GAS/FUEL. The term defining the use of land for bulk storage and wholesale distribution of flammable liquid or flammable gas, excluding below ground storage which is clearly an accessory to a principal use on the site.

(14) WHOLESALE, GREENHOUSE/NURSERY. The term defining an establishment primarily engaged in the selling and/or distributing landscape plant material (groundcover, flowers, shrubs, trees) to retailers and contractors for retail sales.

(15) WHOLESALE TRADES. An establishment or place of business primarily engaged in selling and/or distributing merchandise to retailers; to industrial, commercial, institutional, or professional business users, or other wholesalers; or acting as agents or brokers and buying merchandise for, or selling merchandise to, such individuals or companies. This term does not consider wholesale as a general commercial or retail use.

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