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SUCCESS The Recipe for TheWorld’sLeadingEntrepreneurs&ProfessionalsRevealTheir SecretIngredientsForHealth,Wealth,andSuccess

Allyourdreams can come true ifyouhave the courage topursue them. ~WaltDisney N o Recipe For Success would be complete without a list of ingredients, thepreparation instructions, and timeand temperature forcooking.Someof themain ingredients would include: knowledge, passion, planning and perseverance. Other additives could include money andmentoring for consistency, body and texture. If you are tempted to add in a tablespoon of luck, youmay want to replace the luckwith a cupful of action, because in reality, your recipe can never be completedwithout action, and no one can relyon luck to succeed. After assembling the raw materials, the next part of the preparation is todevise the correctway toblend and cook them. Bynow, youwillhave apicture (plan) in yourmindofwhat the outcome should look and taste like.After some trial-and-error, youmay want some advice to help you bring the ‘product’ to completion.Aswithallplans, someworkouteasily,whileothers don’t. So perhaps some cooking advice from amaster chef or mentoringby an expertwouldmake the entireprocess easier. The Celebrity Experts® in this book are mentors who can help you assemble your recipe. These authors have not only produced theirown RecipeForSuccess ,buthavegained awealth of experience from doing so. They can help you avoid many difficulties they have encountered on their own journey.With theirmentoring,youcanensure thatyour timeand resourcesare maximized, and you can complete your own Recipe For Success all the faster. It is literally true that you can succeedbestandquickestby helpingothers to succeed . ~NapoleonHill

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11/20/18 1:27PM Exciting news this month: My authorial career is extending beyond the pages of this newsletter! Don’t worry; I’m not going anywhere, but I am getting the opportunity to bring my message to a wider audience. Specifically, I was asked to write

singular strategy or product than they are to their actual clients. These biases toward one potential solution (such as investment) over others (such as indexed annuities) largely stem from the fact that most advisors come from either investment or insurance backgrounds. Whether an advisor unconsciously favors one solution over another or actively misleads people to benefit themselves, the result is the same: What’s best for the client gets overlooked. That’s why I propose the need for financial advocates. These are professionals who apply the leadership, ethical diligence, and client- centric approach you expect from legal representation to the world of finance. Drawing on my years as a fiduciary and an estate planner, I lay out a process I call “Integrated Estate Planning,” which is designed to transform “advising” into unbiased financial guidance. In today’s fast-paced world of finance, people want professional leadership when it comes time to get serious about taking the path to their desired future. But many don’t know that harmful biases exist in the financial advising community, choosing to take an advisor at his word and assuming that he has their best interests at heart. This mistake has led countless people down the wrong paths. I’m incredibly grateful to have this chapter as a platform to educate a broader audience on the importance of finding themselves a true financial advocate. “The Recipe for Success” will hit online and brick-and-mortar bookstores this winter. Inside, you’ll find a lot of great advice beyond finance, from how to reframe negative thoughts to planning out your life goals. I’m honored to have put my two cents in alongside my fellow Celebrity Experts ® . If you pick up a copy, let me know what you think!

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and Other Leading Professionals from Around the World Greg DuPont, Jack Canfield

51995> 978-0-9980369-0-8 $19.95


a chapter in Jack Canfield’s upcoming book, “The Recipe for Success.” Needless to say, being asked to author a piece alongside the man who brought us “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was quite the honor and no small undertaking. Distilling a career’s-worth of industry wisdom down to easily digestible paragraphs was a challenging bit of alchemy. But I can say I feel I was up for the task, thanks in no small part to you, dear reader. After all, each month, you’ve given me the chance to share my philosophy, my musings, and my approach to the world of financial stewardship. Thank you for your attentiveness and feedback over the years.* Bringing this new chapter into existence was made all the easier because of it. The title of my contribution is “GettingYour Affairs in Order: The Need for Financial Advocacy in the Modern Era.”The tagline in particular should sound familiar to longtime readers. From time to time in this publication, I have railed against the borderline predatory business practices used by many financial advisors today. Thanks to the opportunity afforded to me “WHETHER AN ADVISOR UNCONSCIOUSLY FAVORS ONE SOLUTION

by Mr. Canfield, I can now get this important message out to a truly global audience.


And as always, thanks for reading,

In this chapter, I delve into what separates

*Special shout out and thanks to my long-term accountant, Phil Solomon, for pointing out an error in my January edition. For the record, 50–85 percent of Social Security may be subject to tax, not taxed at these rates. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson ... DOH!

an advisor from a true financial advocate. In short, most advisors are more loyal to a

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