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AUG 2018

every day, and they know our business, the customers, and our products. Who better to fill a position than someone who knows all about our company! Proving Construction Isn’t Just for Men I’m fortunate to work with manywomen who’ve continued to give me guidance throughout my career. Most of what I know is thanks to them. Our finance manager, for one, is awesome! Her door is always open, and she’s been there for me every time I’ve reached out. Our weigh master manager, who’s been here for over 30 years, trained me on the weigh master duties; she gave me my start. It’s awesome to have these ladies in the office who are willing to share their knowledge and help other women grow in the industry. There are quite a fewwomen who work for Cornejo & and Sons who don’t work in the corporate office. From the scale houses to trucking and safety, women are represented throughout the whole company. Just because you don’t always see women out on the job site — though they are there too — doesn’t mean we aren’t here. We have many female employees who work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. There’s room for


can plan a project and get every detail right, but there’s always something that pops up. Our company teaches its employees how to manage unexpected situations together as a team. It was my supportive manager who encouraged me to reach higher. I had been in my role as the weigh master for six years when he recommended me for an inside sales position. Thanks to his encouragement and guidance, I felt confident moving on to the next chapter. That continued support from him and the whole management team prepared me for yet another move two years later to my current position as the outside sales representative for the aggregate division. This is common practice at Cornejo & Sons. Anytime we have a position open up within the company, we always look to fill it internally first. When we’re looking to fill a position, I encourage the weigh masters to give it consideration. Those ladies work hard

When we talk about encouraging women in construction, we’ve got to look to the top. That’s where it starts. It starts with the executives and with management. If they don’t support diversity and inclusion in the workplace, no one will. Kudos to our executive team for making us women feel welcome in the industry. Our executive team at Cornejo & Sons does a great job of encouraging women in the company to keep expanding on their roles and bettering themselves. They do a good job of highlighting that construction is not just for men. There are many opportunities for women in this business, from entry-level roles to management positions. When I started with Cornejo & Sons 11 1/2 years ago as a weigh master, I hadn’t really considered my career path. I started working in the scale house weighing trucks and helping with dispatch. I learned how to handle the unexpected. In the construction world, you

women in every part of this industry, and it’s an honor to be a part of a company that recognizes, encourages, and supports women. –Jolynn Sallee

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