Drum handling


Ergonomics, safety and innovative handling

How to handle unconventional loads To handle an unconventional load it requires suitable tools to support it both in terms of size and capacity. These tools can include two types of handling: traditional handling with forklifts and bridge cranes, and handling defined innovative. Armanni®, thanks to the design process and the implementation of handling solutions designed “ad hoc” for every need, propose itself as a spokesman for innovative handling. Traditional handling Innovative handling

• Low costs of purchasing and maintenance • Maximum flexibility in narrow working areas • No obligations of a license to enable driving • Maximum ergonomics for the operators • Operators carry out operations in fully safety conditions

• High costs of purchasing and maintenance • Little flexibility in narrow working areas • Obligation to enable driving

Collaboration, Co-creation and Innovation

• Our Team constantly collaborate in order to develop the best handling solution for each customer • Every product is unique because it’s designed and co-created with the customer in order to satisfy a precise handling need improving safety conditions and productivity • Thanks to our Research & Development Team, Innovation is a central point within the corporate values

* The legislation that regulates the license requirement for driving qualification varies according to the State in which the machine operates. Consult your State legislation in this regard.

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