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‘TODAY IS THE FATHER OF TOMORROW’ Planting Seeds for Success

One of my favorite old adages, “Today is the father of tomorrow,” essentially means that those who plan wisely today gain wisdom to make fruitful decisions in the future and the good fortune to reap benefits previously sown. Because our entire team here at Smart Real Estate Coach values our Associates’ abilities to plan for the future, we fundamentally believe that a person who thinks only of their life in the present tense isn’t accomplishing all they can to set themselves up for success down the road. As farmers and gardeners all across the country prepare for spring temperatures, they understand the principle of planting now to be able to harvest later better than anyone. But the best of them will tell you that the key to this system is how cyclic it is — even after you harvest all of your crops, the work doesn’t stop. To continue the cycle, you must fix your eyes on the next planting season and adequately prepare. From a business, financial, and investment perspective, this notion is just as true. We don’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes and never have. Our own collective

experiences have taught us that you can’t simply hope for growth; you have to plant seeds for it in the years prior to be able to reap success later on. Then, even after you experience growth, you still need to continue planting seeds to prepare for the future. The cycle doesn’t stop. Two of the most important seeds our team plants every year come in the form of events: our Business Scaling Secrets event, scheduled for April 4–5, and our Quantum Leap System (QLS) live event, scheduled for Sept. 18–20. We purposefully slate these functions in spring and fall to maintain our pattern of sowing and reaping, and in the consecutive years we’ve hosted events, we’ve experienced exponential growth. For example, we have hosted this QLS event every year since 2016. The event initially started in a basement with only 19 people, and by the next year, 47 people had signed up to attend — we’re anticipating 125–150 in attendance in 2019. Attendees — existing and prospective Associates as well as successful investors throughout the U.S.

— will add to their knowledge of buying and selling on terms and be able to access new legal forms and negotiation tips. These takeaways will help them multiply their profits with ample new opportunities. The growth our events have sustained since their early days stems from the continuous preparation and hard work of our team, speakers, Associates, and students successfully doing deals who attend. While our past functions have supplied attendees with lead sources, goal timelines, word-for-word scripts, and trade secrets, we know that both of the events scheduled for 2019 will be even more helpful. If you want more information about our events or need some guidance planting your own seeds for success, be sure to check or QLSLive. com. You can also go to our website at Hope to hear from you soon!

-Chris Prefontaine



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