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A Trip IMade a Thousand Times ...

When I visit my family in northern Utah these days, we just get on a plane to Salt Lake. And so do my brothers and sisters, with one exception who I’ll talk about later on. But, for the better part of the 1970s, my family would pile the kids in the Ford Country Squire station wagon and hit the road from the Bay Area, where we lived, to my mom’s family up in northern Utah. That meant driving on I-80 up through Donner’s Pass and Reno and onto Winnemucca, Nevada, which was still a divided freeway that went through all the little towns along the way. Because Clarkston, where Mom’s family lived, was significantly north of Salt Lake, we’d get off the 80 just past Elko and get on the “rabbit road,” home to a buffet of rabbit roadkill and some very chubby coyotes. Thank God we never broke down on the rabbit road; it was just two lanes stretching for hundreds of miles in some of the most desolate, salt-flat desert in the country. It seems the car always broke down in Reno or Winnemucca. A radiator hose this trip, a flat tire the next trip, and sometimes my dad would just say, “We’ll try this next weekend instead” and turn the car around. The car issues doubled when we bought a second car, a Ford Pinto Wagon, to caravan our growing family up to Utah and back.

Two cars also added a new logistical element. At first, we’d communicate by flashing the headlights at each other, usually when two kids were fighting and needed to be rotated, or if someone got carsick, which happened fairly often. Eventually my parents hit on the idea of using walkie-talkies, which worked better than headlights or hand signals. They were short-range, though, which didn’t help if someone just took off without you, like my father did to my brother Curtis and I on the way home one time. We walked out of the gas station in Winnemucca, and they were gone! Forty-five minutes later, my dad pulled up with no explanation. “Ready to go?” You bet we were! By now, you can probably tell why my siblings and I always fly back to Utah. As “memorable” as those road trips were, we’re happy they’re in the rear-view mirror. I mentioned an exception, though, and that’s my brother Chuck. He’s still in the Bay Area, and he’ll get in his pickup and drive the same route we took as kids. According to Chuck, it’s a great drive, although some things have changed, like a grove of trees on the rabbit road that didn’t used to be there.

I think I’ll just take his word for it.

– Dr. Bridensti ne | 913-631-2677 | 1


You don’t get paid enough to afford all the groceries you’d like. In fact, if it wasn’t for coupons, you wouldn’t be able to get everything you need, right? Coupon clipping is a time-honored way of saving money and a source of pride amongst many of us who need those paychecks to go as far as possible. But there are two ways to look at it: as a way to put food on the table that you otherwise couldn’t afford, or as a way to trick money-conscious consumers into buying stuff they normally wouldn’t. Which takeaway describes your situation? To find out, you have to answer two questions.

The first question is, “Do I need, and will I use, everything that I buy with coupons?” Here’s the thing: Coupons are designed to affect you psychologically. It turns out that the same part of your brain that governs basic instincts (like hunger and pleasure) also loves a screaming good deal. It can be hard to resist the allure, and that means you often spend money on things that you normally wouldn’t, because you have a coupon. It’s tough, but stick to the staples (like rice, beans, oats and salt) that you’ll use eventually and that won’t go bad. Of course, if you’ve wanted something for a long time and it goes on sale, it makes sense to buy. But don’t let the coupon section dictate your desires!

The second question is, “How much is my time worth, and how much of that time do I spend hunting down the best deals and clipping coupons?” We’re not trained to think of our time as valuable when we aren’t working, but time is the one thing you can’t get back. If you’re saving $25 a week on stuff you actually need, but it takes 4 hours a week to get that savings, you’re losing money even if you make minimum wage. That’s time you could be spending with family, picking up a half-shift at work or finding innovative ways to make money. We won’t deny that there are great deals out there, deals that are now more available than ever thanks to apps like Groupon. But

don’t mistake coupons for anything but what they really are: businesses trying to trick your brain into buying more stuff. Use them wisely, but don’t let them rule you.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the staff here at Perfect Smiles Dental Care. Your staff removed all of my previous dental fears that I once had. Your staff was always willing to help and answer any questions or concerns I had. My experience here at Perfect Smiles was outstanding and all should be complimented for their hard work. Once again, I thank you all for helping me feel confident to smile again.” – E.R. Ba rtlett, Leavenworth, KS “I want to thank Dr. Bridenstine and staff for being so wonderful to me, not only by giving me my ‘dream’ smile, but for also helping me through my extended process of bringing my teeth back to good health after years of neglect. Every visit is welcomed with a warm greeting, as well as taken care of during the entire visit with a

blanket/pillow, sweet, hand-holding or little rubs to make sure that I am comfortable, and constantly checking in to make sure that I am alright. When I leave, I am so thankful for the kindness and genuine care that I am given. I feel honored and lucky to be a patient and feel part of the Perfect Smiles ‘family.’ You are all so special and unique! Thank you!” – J.W., K a nsas City, Missou ri

2 | | 913-631-2677

The Cream of the Cosmetic Crop Advances in Cosmetic Dentistry In every aspect of contemporary life, convenience is a major priority. We’re busier

teeth, making them totally invisible, and you don’t need to take them out to brush or eat. Six Month Smiles is a streamlined method featuring clear braces designed to align your teeth in the shortest possible time. Dental Implants It wasn’t so long ago that the only treatments for tooth replacement were bridges, crowns and dentures. These are cumbersome, invasive procedures that look artificial and have long recovery periods. With the advent of dental implants, and now mini dental implants, replacing a tooth is easier than ever before. Implants are a one-and- done procedure with no temporary crowns. Because implants are placed directly into your jawbone, they won’t need to be removed. A Wealth of Whitening Options If you walk down the toothpaste aisle of any pharmacy, you’ll quickly realize that

whitening is extremely popular. Dentists also offer custom-made trays and laser whitening services that add sparkle quickly and safely. A word of warning: There are a lot of substandard whitening methods that can do more harm than good. Talk to your dentist about the whitening method that will work best for you.

than previous generations, and we need services that can keep up with our hectic schedules. It’s no surprise, then, that cosmetic dentistry has become more convenient in recent years. Patients are able to get the smile they want in record time. Let’s take a look at some of the latest and greatest from the world of cosmetic dentistry. Adults are straightening their teeth in ever- growing numbers, largely thanks to the new treatments offered by dentists and orthodontists. Invisalign trays straighten without the use of brackets at all. Nano braces are placed behind the Invisalign, Nano Braces and Six Month Smiles





Looking for a summer dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in? Try this easy, low-fat frozen treat!


• 1 premade graham cracker pie crust • 1 (8-ounce) container Cool Whip

• 1 cup frozen or fresh mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries and blackberries) • 3 (6-ounce) containers regular yogurt (berry flavors work best)


1. Combine Cool Whip, mixed berries and yogurt in a bowl. Mix with a spatula until well- blended. 2. Pour yogurt mixture into pie crust.

3. Cover pie with foil or plastic lid. 4. Store in freezer for at least 3 hours, or until frozen through. 5. Serve frozen or slightly thawed. | 913-631-2677 | 3

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What’s Going on in Kansas City?

KC RIVERFEST 2017 When: July 4, 4–11 p.m. Where: Berkley Riverfront Park Admission : $5

2017 CULINARY FIGHT CLUB When: July 20, 6–9 p.m. Where: Kansas City Admission: $50, includes tastings

KC RiverFest is the premier Independence Day celebration in the region, situated along the beautiful Missouri riverfront. Located at Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park, KC RiverFest has become Kansas City’s riverfront tradition, and it’s the only place to go in downtown Kansas City to celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks and family entertainment. Head down to the riverfront with friends and family for amazing fireworks, delicious food, fun games and wonderful music. KC RiverFest also boasts two stages with continuous live music. Find the full lineup at

If you love cooking, eating, drinking, laughing, and competition, this event is for you. At the 2017 Culinary Fight Club, home cooks and executive chefs compete in an awesome culinary throwdown for 60 minutes to take home the title of champion, a spot at the 2017 Culinary Fight Fest, and a golden ticket to the World 2017 Food Championships. Come watch these amazing cooks create delicious plates after only 45 seconds in the pantry and three secret ingredients of their own. You even get to taste their creations with the judges. The best part? All proceeds go to Fight2Feed, a nonprofit organization that partners top restaurants with food trucks to provide service and support to hungry men, women and children in the community. Buy tickets at

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