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Everyone Needs Coaching

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St. Patrick’s Day vs. the Color Green

When it comes to a vision for our practice, we put one principle above all others. We want to provide more in value to our patients than they pay in dollars. If we do that, we give them a reason to keep coming back. It’s easier said than done. Finding ways to add value is a constant initiative for me and my staff. Coaches are crucial in this regard. They help us identify and attack areas for added value the same way an offensive coordinator designs a plan for a team to succeed on the field. Our goal is for every patient who walks through our doors to be happier and healthier after visiting us. We strive to form a real, meaningful bond that inspires confidence in our work. We want to do such a good job that you can’t help but tell your friends and family about us. Whether or not you’re a fan of going to the dentist, we want you to be a fan of us. We are always grateful that you’ve chosen us as your dental practice. We are well aware that you don’t have to come to us — New Yorkers are spoiled for choice, after all — which is why we’re so thankful you do.

We all have coaches realizing there is always something more to learn. The challenges and opportunities facing us are similar to what other offices have experienced; everything happening to us has happened to those who’ve come before. History shows that there’s always a solution available. There are people who possess the knowledge we are looking for — the insight to help us scale new heights. Why reinvent the wheel when we can seek out these folks’ expertise and guidance? Over the years, I’ve learned that a coachable mindset and a willingness to evolve are the two most essential traits a dentist and his staff can cultivate. Our practice has been involved in coaching for many years. Coaching develops culture and helps to establish the values and goals of a practice. Insightful coaches don’t just point out areas needing correction; they provide the tools necessary for growth and improvement. They teach us that we get what we deserve and to not make excuses for what happens to us. That’s something everyone can benefit from, no matter their level of mastery or success.

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An Invisible Way to Straighten Your Teeth

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3 Terms You Need to Know Before Buying a New TV

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Soba Noodles With Garlic and Zucchini

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Wet, Wild, and Wonderful NYC Facts

Ultimately, we are striving to inhabit a “Category of One,” differentiating our practice from all others on the Upper East Side and ensuring our patients receive a level of service and care they won’t find anywhere else. Those are lofty goals, but we know we need to seek out coaching in order to achieve them. Even after he became the greatest player in the NBA, Michael Jordan sought out the visionary guidance of Phil Jackson. That desire to always learn and never get complacent is something we believe in. It’s something we act out every day in every interaction with every patient. If you know anyone looking for great care, please send them our way. The best compliment a patient can give us is the referral of your friends and family members. We know those compliments aren’t given; they have to be earned. We’ll always keep working to earn them.

Glenn Reit, DDS



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