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There’s More Than Fall in the Air What Louisiana Looks Forward to in September

Football in this area is like religion; you grow up practicing it, and, when coming of age here in Baton Rouge, you never turn from it. This September, it’s time to go to church with the Saints because this is going to be their year. People here even actively keep up with local high school football. Unless there is a Saints or Southern University game, Friday nights are for the high school games. I grew up playing football at McKinley Senior High, and it was such an amazing experience that I still keep in touch with a few friends from the team to this day. The Saints were always my favorite team, even as a kid, because they’re the hometown team! It’s not even just the Saints who are considered kings here. Louisiana is Southern University country. I’m an alumnus, and given how energetic everyone is about football, campus is really a sportsman’s paradise. For a Southern University or Saints game, all of Baton Rouge kind of shuts down. Every restaurant is packed, and traffic gets heavy in the area. I think Southern University is going to have a great season this year. While they only have a couple of games this month, they have some killer matchups I’m eager to see. They’ll have two big games against their rivals, Jackson State and Grambling State, which will be fun to watch. I believe the Saints will go all the way this year. While Drew Brees has been with the team for some time, he is really going to shine this season. The whole team is expected to be exceptional, and I can’t wait to see how they do against the Rams and the Ravens. Last year, they really did get cheated out of the championship against the Rams. It’s not often you get over 60,000 people to agree on

something, but, this time, most believe the Saints got the short end of the stick with one of the worst no-calls in NFL history. With a rematch on Sept. 15, you can bet there’s going to be some payback. While the season starts on Sept. 9 with the Texans, we have some great matchups coming this season. We have two games against the Falcons on Nov. 10 and 28. They didn’t have a bad season last year, finishing second in the regular season, so I can’t wait to see what they can do against the Saints. It’s a hard game against the Falcons every year, so you’re always on the edge of your seat. Regardless of what game is on, everyone I know does an amazing job with their barbecue, so I can’t say no to a good tailgating party. I usually try to pop by a couple of those when a game is on. Next time you stop by the

office, tell me what you’re looking forward to this season! Do you have a favorite college team? Are you a fellow Southern University alum? Let me know the next time you’re in the office! I always love taking a minute to talk about the game, especially regarding the Jaguars or the Saints, because anytime is a good time to talk about football.

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