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THE RIGHT BEGINNING FOR A NEW YEAR Your Personal Trainer of Retirement

Approximately half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but that number has been on the decline. Research from the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K. found that 88 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail. Who wants to start something doomed to fail? This statistic becomes more discouraging when you think about how a vast majority of New Year’s resolutions revolves around health and fitness. Every January, a lot of people set out to improve their health, and most of them fail. if you’ve ever tried to find workout tips on the internet, but let me tell you, it’s the Wild West out there. Each new blog post has conflicting information, and no one seems to agree on whether cardio is more effective before or after weightlifting. I believe people who make health-related New Year’s resolutions would have a lot more success if they had someone else on their team. You can see this plainly when it comes to personal trainers. This month, you can walk into any gym and find it packed with people. Some face the treadmills and complicated equipment alone, while others have a personal trainer guiding them through a personalized workout. Can you guess which folks are more likely to be on track It’s not easy to start a new habit, especially when you try to do it alone. I don’t know

making progress come March? Research from the University of North Texas Health Science Center shows it’s the people who have hired personal trainers. In addition to helping people get started, a personal trainer will educate his or her clients about fitness, advise them on realistic goals, and create personalized plans to help meet those goals. In a lot of ways, a financial planner is like being a personal trainer. I meet with clients to discuss their personal goals, look at where they are now, and use my knowledge and experience to advise them on where they need to go. And much like how a personal trainer can tell a client when to do cardio, working with a financial advisor means you don’t have to learn about strategies and products through hours of tedious research. In fact, I encourage my clients to call me to ask me questions about their financial future. Recently, a lot of people have asked me how the tax bill could impact their retirement planning. Most will have lower overall tax bill starting in 2018. The new law needs to be reviewed and applied individually. That is why we focus on tax savings strategies and offer tax preparation services for our retirement planning clients. Tax planning is becoming more important today then ever before.

In addition, one thing is sure to remain the same: It will still be necessary to save and plan for retirement. There is a chance the best strategies will need tweaking, depending on your tax bracket and future plans. But it’s my job as a financial planner and retirement specialist to learn what those changes will be, similar to a personal trainer’s job to know the best way to help a client meet his or her goals to train for a marathon or safely lose weight. Whatever happens in 2018, the most important thing for you to do is continue prioritizing your retirement savings. And if you haven’t started yet, the new year is the perfect time to get your retirement plan up and running! It might seem overwhelming, and maybe you don’t know where to start, but that’s all right. It’s my job to be here and set you on the right path so you can enjoy the retirement of your dreams. –Adam Wolf, CPA, CFP ®

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