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And Enjoyed Every Minute of It! WE CAMPED IN THE POURING RAIN

November 2022

This summer, Hisham and I took our kids on a camping trip to Vogel State Park. Rami, Hanna, and Amir were so excited to be out in nature that they chattered and squirmed for the entire two- hour drive. After pitching our tent in the trees, we settled in to cook chili over the campfire, tell ghost stories, and roast s’mores. (We like to tell stories round-robin style. One person starts the story, then ends it on a cliffhanger for the next person to continue.) Finally, we crawled into our tent and curled up for the night. That’s when disaster struck! The heavens unleashed a full-on thunderstorm. Rain pounded on the thin vinyl over our heads, and our tent couldn’t withstand the deluge. Within a few hours, the ground beneath us turned into a puddle of mud, soaking up through the tent and into our sheets. All five of us were drenched.

the kids wanted to stay — even though it was still raining outside! They played in the puddles while Hisham and I made breakfast, shielding our griddle from the rain so that we could cook eggs, bacon, and pancakes over the fire. Afterward, we set off into the wet park to go fishing and pitched a tarp so that the kids could color out of the damp. We grilled hot dogs and joked about the weather. At 5 p.m., we finally gathered all of our things, packed up the car, and made fun of each other’s bedraggled hair and silly antics all the way home. The camping trip could have been a disaster, but because the kids had such a good attitude, they turned a potential horror story into an exciting adventure. If anything, the experience in the wet, chilly woods made them even more grateful for the cozy home we returned to. We worked hard to unpack, then cuddled up on the couch and watched “Jurassic Park” together. I’ll always remember the feeling of holding them close and basking in gratitude for our home, our soft beds, and our warm, dry blankets. This experience reminded me that attitude truly is everything. When something goes wrong — say you burn the turkey on Thanksgiving, or your flight is delayed at the airport — it’s up to you how you react and whether you let that moment ruin your experience. On our rainy camping trip, we chose gratitude. If you have the opportunity this holiday season, I hope you do the same! –Sara Khaki 678-203-9893

You’d think that would be the end of our camping trip, but when we woke up the next morning,

“Rain pounded on the thin vinyl over our heads, and our tent couldn’t withstand the deluge. Within a few hours, the ground beneath us turned into a puddle of mud, soaking up through the tent and into our sheets.”




HAPPILY EVER AFTER DIVORCE SUPPORT GROUP MEETING (VIRTUAL SUPPORT GROUP) When: Thursday, Nov. 17, at 6:30 p.m. Register: The holiday season is one of the hardest times of the year to navigate life as a divorced parent. Not only do you need to juggle potentially complicated custody arrangements, but you also have to deal with the emotional impact of celebrating differently than you used to. If you’re struggling to adapt to a new type of Thanksgiving without the “perfect” nuclear family of Hallmark movies, you may benefit from joining our Happily Ever After Divorce Support Group. The group is the perfect place to tackle unresolved questions and problems leftover from your divorce. Kathleen Shack, a licensed marriage and family therapist, hosts the group, and she will lead you and your peers in a helpful discussion each month.

Our complimentary divorce support groups and seminars are available online! Register for these upcoming events to gain knowledge, resources, and emotional support that will help you feel empowered while you go through major life changes.

DIVORCING A NARCISSIST (COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR) When: Thursday, Nov. 10, at 6:30 p.m. Register:

If you’ve spotted the signs of narcissism in your partner, it may feel impossible to disentangle yourself from their control. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. In our upcoming Divorcing a Narcissist webinar, our team will explain how to start the divorce process, what to expect from your partner, and how to prepare emotionally. You can sign up for the webinar today using the link on this page. We also recommend sharing the link with anyone you know who is married to a narcissist and might need help. No one deserves to be stuck in an abusive cycle of unrealistic expectations, constant denials, gaslighting, and artificiality. We can help your loved one break free.

Here at ADLG, we’re not letting COVID-19 slow us down. Sign up for these virtual events to get the information and support you need without leaving home.

Most parents want their kids to view Thanksgiving as a meaningful event — not just an opportunity to indulge in turkey and mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, most kids’ eyes will glaze over when their parents launch into a lecture about thankfulness. You will likely find better success by emphasizing the value of gratitude all year long. “What do you say?” It’s a question we all ask our young children after someone does something nice for them. This practice instills good manners, but it shouldn’t be confused with teaching gratitude. Imparting the meaning behind the words “thank you” takes something more. If you want grateful children, you need to be grateful parents. Consider how you can incorporate gratitude more into your everyday life. Are you as thankful as you should be? Do you repay favors and write thank-you notes? Do you regularly talk about why you’re so fortunate or what you’re thankful for? Cultivating gratitude in your life sets a good example, and many studies show it benefits your mental health as well. Next, consider how you can encourage your child to reflect on who they’re grateful for. Acts of kindness and returning the favor to those who have been good to us can inspire kids to put their gratitude into action. Doing some yardwork, sharing a toy, or making a painting as a gift can help children understand how powerful it can be to outwardly show our gratitude for the people who are in our lives. Consistency is the most crucial factor, so try to find ways you can incorporate gratitude into your everyday routine. Children of any age can keep a gratitude journal with their parents’ help. Some families also use a gratitude jar where each family member can write what they’re grateful for on a slip of paper and add something different to the jar each week. It’s the perfect way to keep gratitude front and center.

2 Raising Thankful Children A DAILY DOSE OF GRATITUDE

These lessons may not sink in immediately, but by cultivating these positive habits in our everyday lives, you will see a big difference in the long run.

Top 5 Ski Resorts to Cross Off Your Bucket List Experience Fresh Powder and Great Views

MAD RIVER GLEN, VERMONT For an authentic, deep-mountain experience, Mad River Glen is considered the best skiing mountain in the East. One of the best features of the resort is that it has single-chair chairlifts — and no snowboarders! The runs are long and the sights are gorgeous while providing an amazing ski run, throwback style! ASPEN, COLORADO Aspen just had to make this list! This incredibly popular ski resort has four different mountains, providing a wide range of terrains for all different skill levels. The ski resort town is fun, developed, and exciting as well. DEER VALLEY RESORT, UTAH A ski-only resort, Deer Valley is a quaint ski town with legendary customer service and unbelievable Utah powder. It should be noted that the chairlifts are speedy and efficient, and the trails are well- groomed. Lift lines are nonexistent, making for an exclusive and remote experience!

Temperatures are dropping and snow is falling in some parts of the country, so it’s time for some winter fun! Whether you ski, snowboard, or just enjoy the snow, here are some of the best ski resorts to check out this ski season! STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO A little less glitzy than some of the other popular ski resorts and towns in Colorado, Steamboat Springs is extremely family-friendly with a Western vibe. Because Steamboat is tucked away in the northwest corner of Colorado, the area catches snow from both Utah and Wyoming, which means you can expect some of the best skiing powder. WHITEFISH MOUNTAIN RESORT, MONTANA While Whitefish Mountain Resort was originally a sleepy, quiet, and remote ski resort, it has gained popularity over the past few years, but it still remains an under-the-radar ski destination with friendly locals and smaller crowds. For beautiful, lush Montana views and no ski lift lines, Whitefish is a must!

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According to the Census Bureau, roughly 37 million people in the United States live alone. We’d be willing to bet many of those folks are recently divorced. Even if you have kids, odds are that post-divorce, you’re spending at least one weekend a month on your own. This can be a big adjustment. When you’re alone in the house at night every creak of a floorboard or click of the ice maker sounds threatening. To give yourself a feeling of security — and keep your kids safe — you may want to upgrade your home’s alarm system. American Alarm Corporation is an excellent option for all of your residential and commercial security needs. AAC’s team, including friend of the firm Heather Wright, can install a high-tech alarm system you can control via text or email. They can even update your existing alarm system with 24/7 online monitoring to give you peace of mind. To learn more about American Alarm Corporation and how Heather can help you, call 678-887-7405. HEATHER WRIGHT OF AMERICAN ALARM CORPORATION

“Great law firm where they treat you like family! 10/10.” –Jenni R.

“Allen is hands down one of the best attorneys in family law. He is a bulldog in the courtroom and compassionate towards his clients. I would recommend him to anyone going through a divorce or custody action. He is very knowledgeable and well respected within the legal community. Thanks again for everything, Allen!” –Melissa H. “Very professional, friendly and helpful! Would definitely recommend [ADLG].” –Sarah S.

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A 12-year-old boy accidentally banished to the land of the dead befriends a skeleton at risk of being forgotten by his living relatives. Together, they travel through a vibrant, musical, and sometimes bittersweet afterlife in search of a way to solve both their problems. Welcome to the magical world of Disney Pixar’s film “Coco.” “Coco” takes place in Mexico on Día de Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead. The Nov. 2 celebration is a time to honor deceased ancestors, but the festivities are at least as joyful as they are somber. Though American awareness of this holiday bubbled

Despite its fanciful nature, most experts agree that “Coco” accurately represents how people celebrate Día de Muertos. It shows how families use an ofrenda (altar) to remember their dead relatives, travel to the cemetery to visit their graves with offerings, and take time to remember them. The film also portrays the belief that death is not the end of life but rather a new phase. If your family is unfamiliar with Día de Muertos, viewing “Coco” is an excellent way to learn more about the holiday. It’s also an opportunity to discuss some weighty topics together as a

family. Children may feel more comfortable approaching the scary subject of death after watching the movie, and it could be the perfect chance to discuss your family’s beliefs. You might also consider how you can better remember your relatives. Any parent looking to pass down their family’s history without their children’s eyes glazing over might never find a better moment. So, sit down together this November to enjoy the family-friendly tale of “Coco” and see what else you might discover.

under the surface for decades, it exploded when “Coco” hit theaters in 2017. Five years later, the film hasn’t lost its charm and manages to be slightly morbid and uplifting at the same time. It’s also a fascinating peek into a culture many American viewers don’t know well. The film follows Miguel, a child with a passion for music. Unfortunately, his family has sworn off music after a musician relative brought tragedy to his family many years ago. A series of mishaps whisks him off to the land of the dead, where he meets a down- on-his-luck skeleton named Hector. They set off on an adventure to help each other and learn that they have more in common than they first suspected.

You might remember the phrase “parental alienation” popping up in the tabloids back in 2018. It was a hot topic during Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s messy divorce. Some of Pitt’s supporters invoked the term, claiming Jolie was unfairly keeping him away from his children. If you’re struggling to co-parent with your ex right now, parental alienation could also be a factor in your divorce. PARENTAL ALIENATION DEFINITION Parental alienation is complicated, but at its core, it involves one parent turning their child or children against the other. The parent might do this with words — for example, by speaking poorly of you in front of your kids — or with actions intended to make you seem inferior. These issues are sometimes called “parental interference.” 5 WARNING SIGNS If you suspect you are a victim of parental alienation, look out for these red flags that can help prove your case. 1. Your ex tries to prevent you from seeing your kids during scheduled visitation. 2. Your ex asks your children to choose between the two of you. 3. Your ex goes to great lengths to impress your children with gifts, vacations, and other expensive treats. Are You a Victim of Parental Alienation? 5 SIGNS TO WATCH FOR

4. Your children report that your ex says terrible things about you, or your children themselves lash out at you with encouragement from your ex. 5. Your ex tries to convince your children that you do not love them. IF YOU FEEL ALIENATED Here in Georgia, there are no specific laws against parental alienation. However, if you have evidence of it, you can use that evidence to influence the outcome of your custody and/or child support case. We recommend gathering screenshots of texts, emails, and other communications indicating parental alienation. You might be able to use them in court! You should also contact our team for help. Whether you’re just starting the divorce process or are already divorced, we can guide you through this conflict. If you aren’t experiencing parental alienation but think a friend or family member might be, share this article with them and pass along our phone number. We’re here for them, too!


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