Farming in Focus Winter 2020

of Silvermere Holsteins. Colin owns and manages a dairy in Central West NSW. He is a true gentleman, has a positive attitude and runs an excellent business. I really enjoy working with farming families and am committed to designing and building tough, durable machines suited to our Australian conditions. Wherever you are, I hope the season is kind. Bill Larsen Sales & Marketing Manager K-Line Agriculture (L-R) Vince Cudden, Warhringah Partnership, Wellington, Tony Lucas (AEH Group), Rob Williams (K-Line Ag) and Paul Cudden in front of the Cudden’s new Speedtiller. To be used for weed killing (Macquarie Pea) and primary tillage.


The last 12 months have been a roller coaster for us all. As an industry, many have experienced the lows of drought only to move into a pattern of higher than average rainfall in 2020. Whether it be in the tough times or the good times, it never ceases to amaze me how buoyant and supportive farmers, dealers and manufacturers are across our industry. Unfortunately, WA and QLD are still to get the rainfall they need for their Winter crops. We are hopeful that their season improves so that they can also enjoy a better season in 2020. Now that winter grain crops are in, many farmers are taking the time to catch up on other jobs and considering their plans for the year ahead. There is never much downtime. During these cooler months cane farmers and vineyard managers,

have been focused on improving their beds, eliminating weeds and preparing their soils, and they too are appreciating the Winter rainfall. Similarly, vegie, dairy and livestock producers are all experiencing much softer growth conditions with an abundance of feed. We’ve noticed a rise in interest for K-Line machines, no doubt due to above average rainfall and the promising weather outlook, along with the $150k instant asset tax write off and the availability of low finance on Speedtillers. It’s a good indication of industry optimism. In the last couple of months, I’ve been fortunate to work closely with farmers in the Livestock, Dairy and Cotton industry to ensure our machines continue to meet and adapt to their needs. I recently had the pleasure of spending time with Colin Thompson

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