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SHOULD I PLAY OR TRAIN THIS SUMMER? Preston Chaudoin’s Case Study: From 75.9 mph to 92.5 mph in 2 Summers

This time of year, people call and email asking for our advice on whether they should train or play in the summer. This month,

I thought it would be beneficial to hear from someone who had that question a couple years ago and to see how their decision turned out. I hope we have an opportunity to see you this summer, but meanwhile, here’s more from Nate Chaudoin, Preston’s father. –Ron Wolforth Watching my son play middle school and summer baseball was a mixture of joy and confusion. Like many young players and parents, we became frustrated with coaches contradicting each other. Seeking someone we could trust, we found a former MLB pitcher offering lessons an hour from home. Meanwhile, after hearing about and researching Texas Baseball Ranch, I was torn over whether their services would be of value. Over a year later, we finally took the trip. I wish we had done it sooner. We had finally found what we needed. After three days, we left with a PLAN! Whether you need help with flexibility, mobility, strength, mindset, nutrition, or movement patterns, TBR covers it all. They helped Preston develop so much in a few months. I had no doubt that he should attend the summer program. His first summer was better than we expected. The culture and training environment are unmatched, and it was reinforced each morning and afternoon. At 5 feet, 4 inches and 120 pounds, my 14-year-old kid left on day one

having ZERO doubt he would throw 90 mph. He did exactly that the following summer at TBR as a 5-foot-7-inch, 140-pound, 15-year-old young man. Not only that, but he also left each summer a better person. If you are torn between summer travel ball and showcases versus development at Texas Baseball Ranch, don’t let a year go by like I did. If your son has a desire to improve and work hard to achieve his goals and if you are willing to support him in his efforts, then the TBR’s Summer Development Program is the place for you. –Nate Chaudoin


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